Chilkat Licensing Changes

Chilkat’s licensing scheme will change slightly starting with version These changes will have no effect on already-licensed customers.

1. Same-product new-version upgrades are no longer free forever. They are only free while support is maintained. If support lapses for more than 3 months, it can only be renewed by repurchasing the license at the regular price.
2. The Compression product becomes part of the Zip product. The Zip product now encompasses Zip, Bz2, Gzip, UnixCompress, and Compression.
3. The DSA and DH products become part of the Crypt product. The Crypt product now encompasses Crypt2, NTLM, DSA, and DH.
4. Version will include a new JavaKeyStore class/object. It will be a “Bundle Only” product meaning that it can only be licensed by purchasing the Chilkat Bundle.
5. For Bundle purchases, the multitude of individual unlock codes will be replaced with a single Bundle unlock code that can be used with any class or object.
6. Future classes/objects will be either free or Bundle-only. At some point in the future, Chilkat *may* only offer Bundle licensing.

Licensing Clarification


I bought 1-Developer Bundle ($289 USD) license on 2010/2/27, can I use your latest Chilkat .NET for the 4.0 Framework (Visual Studio 2010) v9.2.1 released on 3-Aug-2011 ?


Yes, you may.  New version upgrades are always free, and the license, which never expires, is valid across all supported programming languages, operating systems, platforms, frameworks, etc.

The only thing that expires is the 1-year support, and it may be renewed (if needed) at this URL:

For more information about licensing, see Chilkat Licensing Explained.