v9.5.0.61 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • REST: The FullRequestFormUrlEncoded method did not work correctly with AWS authentication.  This was fixed.  (Note: This fix is required for using Amazon SES to send email.)
  • TLS on Big Endian Machines: Fixed TLS connection issue with some cipher suites on Big Endian machines.   There was a particular internal piece of code that did not properly account for the endianness of the machine and assume little endian (which is by far the most common byte ordering).
  • FTP2: The “m”, “d”, and “y” XML attributes in the XML result returned by GetXmlDirListing were mixed up.  (For example: full=”20160929-100512″ m=”2016″ d=”9″ y=”29″ hh=”10″ mm=”5″ ss=”12″)   This was fixed.
  • SFTP: The ReadFileBytes method could hang for duration of IdleTimeoutMs if file size was smaller than number of bytes requested.  This was fixed.
  • SshTunnel: Added the IsSshConnected method.
  • SshTunnel: Added internal functionality to periodically send IGNORE messages to the SSH server to keep the connection alive when the clients are inactive.
  • BinData: The BinData object was previously specific to the ActiveX.  It is now available across all programming languages.  The BinData object duplicates some of the functionality of CkByteData, but CkByteData is specific to some programming languages.

v9.5.0.60 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • ActiveX, .NET: Fixed problems with the LastMethodSuccess property. Version is a patch for .NET and ActiveX only for this one issue. The Mono builds, .NET Core, and .NET UWP (Windows Runtime) did not have any problem with LastMethodSuccess, and therefore remain at v9.5.0.59. Other languages (C++, Java, Perl, Python, etc.) are also unaffected and therefore remain at v9.5.0.59.

v9.5.0.59 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • OAuth2: Added the OAuth2 class.
  • FTP2: Fixed SyncRemoteTree/SyncRemoteTree2 progress monitoring callbacks.
  • Crypt2: Fixed the GenerateUuid to respect RFC 4122. The GenerateUuid method generates the version 4 variant, which is composed of entirely random data except for the few bits that signify version 4.
  • Compression: Fixed the CompressFile method for large files. See Fixed CompressFile
  • MHT: Fixed: MS-Word html files with %20 in file paths needed to be replaced with SPACE chars.
  • Cert/SMIME/PKCS7: Fixed: When a cert doesn’t have the Issuer CN, the encrypted message could not be decrypted using Chilkat library, even though the cert does have subject key id.
  • REST: Dropbox workaround: DropBox is not Q/B decoding header fields as it should do (if it were
    behaving according to standards). Two modifications were made: (1) Disable Q/B encoding for header fields when Dropbox is the endpoint. (2) Added a new REST property named AllowHeaderQB to enable/disable Q/B encoding for header fields. It is enabled by default.
  • SSH: Fixed: ChannelReceiveUntilMatch did not work for some cases with wildcard (*) match patterns.
  • Android/Java: Fixed the emoji utf-8 problem. The use of emoji’s caused issues with the underlying JNI implementation because Java uses modified-utf8, which is only different because it must use surrogate pairs for chars that encode to longer than 3 bytes. Chilkat will now (internally) emit the correct modified utf-8 using surrogate pairs to keep the JNI fat and happy (given that this problem was discovered w/ the pizza slice emoji for a major pizza chain).
  • HTTP/TrustedRoots: Fixed: When verifying the web server certificate for a TLS connection, the Windows registry-based root CA cert stores were not being searched when TrustSystemCaRoots was true.
    Now Chilkat will correctly search for the root cert, and if found, will trust the root cert.
  • PEM: Added the “AddItem” method. See the very bottom of this example: AddItem
  • MHT: Enhancement: MHT will not try to embed images when the data is already embedded, such as:
    <img style=”display:block;margin:0 auto 5px;text-align:center;” src=”…
  • HTTP: Fixed auto-follow of HTTP redirects when the redirect URL is a Protocol-relative_URL (i.e. URLs beginning with “//”)
  • Zip: Added the AppendDataEncoded method.
  • Python/FreeBSD: Fixed the installer for Python on FreeBSD.
  • Email: Fixed Q/B decoding issue for address related headers. The SPACE char between the friendly name and the email address was dropped when Q/B decoding.
  • JSON: Fixed a parse problem that occurred when a Unicode char was the very last char in a JSON value string. For example if the value string ended with “\\u6e2c”, then this final char was dropped in the string returned by various methods.
  • TLS 1.2: Fixed: The server would close the TLS connection during initial handshake (after receiving the ClientHello) if it picked the cipher suite TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA in TLS 1.2. The reason is that Chilkat did not include the ECDSA/SHA1 signature hash algorithm as a candidate for the Server Key Exchange. (Note: This was not a security issue — it was just a case where the TLS handshake would fail if the server picked a particular cipher suite, only in TLS 1.2, and expected to use a paricular Server Key Exchange signature hash algorithm.)
  • SSH: Added the hmac-sha1-96 algorithm to what is supported in the internal SSH connection protocol.
  • Email: Eliminated problems arising from X.400 email addresses where there is no “@” character.
  • HTTP: Fixed the ReceiveRate callback (so that it’s actually called) for the WinRT and Unicode C++ builds.
  • Unicode C++: Event callbacks were broken starting in v9.5.0.58 for the Unicode C++ builds. (They were working in v9.5.0.57, broken in .58, and now fixed in .59)
  • IMAP: A particular kind of email on a particular IMAP server would cause a hang (or timeout) when downloading the email for the case where AutoDownloadAttachments is disabled.
  • SFTP: Worked around problems with the Devart SSH server.
  • Email: Fixed email structure problems for certain situations when SetHtmlBody was called.
  • HTTP/S3: Fixed a problem caused when filenames contain SPACE chars.
  • Email: The ComputeGlobalKey method was deprecated and should not be used. The inputs to the MD5 hash algorithm were not properly canonicalized, and therefore the computed key could change from version to version (based on fixes, improvements, etc. in the MIME processing).
  • Email: Added the ComputeGlobalKey2 method, which is properly canonicalized to avoid the issues of the original ComputeGlobalKey implementation.
  • XMP: Fixed: TIFF files with EXIF IFD’s were not correctly re-written.
  • Email/MIME: Fixed problems where the values in address related header fields were not returned Q/B decoded. (For example, the value returned by the GetHeaderField method should be Q/B decoded.)
  • SSH: Fixed a performance problem w/ the ChannelPoll method for very small timeouts.
  • Zip: Fixed a problem w/ encrypted zips for Unicode C++ (CkZipW) on Mac OS X. The issue has to do with the fact that wchar_t is 4 bytes per char (on Mac OS X) as opposed to 2 bytes per char.
  • Email: Fixed GetSignedByCert so that it will still return the certificate even if the signature validation fails.
  • FTPS: Fixed a PBSZ/”PROT P” problem with the Global eXchange Services Secure FTP brand of FTP server.
  • JSON: Fixed a JSON parsing problem having to do with escaped chars.
  • MHT: Fixed a problem with “link” tags where attributes such as “media” were getting dropped.

v9.5.0.58 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • Rest: Added the Rest class.
  • Jwt: Added the Jwt class.
  • AuthAws: Added the AuthAws class.
  • AuthGoogle: Added the AuthGoogle class.
  • AuthAzureAD: Added the AuthAzureAD class.
  • AuthAzureStorage: Added the AuthAzureStorage class.
  • ServerSentEvent: Added the ServerSentEvent class.
  • CertStore: Fixed a memory leak in the LoadPemFile method.
  • Charset: Fixed problems in the VerifyData method having to do with us-ascii and utf-8.
  • C++: Now includes utf16_t classes. Except for certain classes such as CkString and CkByteData, there are three options for each C++ class:
    the multibyte class, the wchar_t class, and the utf16_t class. For example, CkSFtp, CkSFtpW, and CkSFtpU.
  • FTP2: (FIXED) The SyncRemoteTree/SyncRemoteTree2 progress monitoring (event callbacks) were not working
  • FTP2: Added the LargeFileUpload method.
  • IMAP: Added new methods: HasCapability, GetQuotaRoot, GetQuota, and SetQuota.
  • LastErrorText: The Windows logged-on username is no longer automatically logged at the top of every LastErrorText.
    (This was originally done to help w/ support issues so tht Chilkat might notice if the program runs in the context of a Service or IIS, which could be a clue to the cause of certain problems.)
  • SSL/TLS: Internal client-side and server-side renegotiate problems were fixed.
  • FTP2: Backslash chars in paths sent to the server are automatically converted to forward-slashes
  • PrivateKey/PublicKey: Deprecated many methods and added new methods. Originally these classes were for RSA keys, but have since become
    a classes that can contain either RSA, DSA, or ECC keys. Methods with “RSA” in the name were deprecated. Also, methods with confusing names were deprecated and replaced with methods having better names.
  • SFTP: Fixed problems with certain SSH/SFTP servers where certain downloads would hang.
  • TLS: Added support for the SHA512 server key exchange hash algorithm. (See http://www.chilkatforum.com/questions/10395/sslallowedciphers-options)
  • StringBuilder: Added a StringBuilder class, which is more helpful in some older programming languages as opposed to others.
  • Email: Fixed problems with comma characters found in email addresses that are Q/B encoded.
  • JsonObject: Crash bug fixed in the StringOf method.
  • Email: (FIXED) Comma characters embedded in an email address friendly name, such as “Doug, Smith ” would interfere with the parsing of the email address.
  • SFTP: Added the SyncDirectives property.
  • LoadTaskResult: (FIXED) The ActiveX LoadTaskResult methods always returned 0, regardless of success/failure.
  • MHT: (FIXED) Chilkat hangs with specific HTML on calling mht.GetEML. The problem had to do with infinite recursion: The CSS that is downloaded itself contained an import for the same CSS (or indirectly contained an import for a CSS that then contained an import for a CSS that was previously downloaded, causing a loop).
  • Crypt2: The value of the KeyLength property should always be in agreement with the number of bytes of key material provided by the application.
    The SetEncodedKey method correctly has the side-effect of also setting the KeyLength property. However, setting the SecretKey property directly did not also have this desired side-effect.
    This was fixed. If the SecretKey property is set with 16 bytes of data (128 bits) then the KeyLength property is automatically updated to 128.
  • PHP: Added Windows builds for PHP as FastCGI with IIS using the Non-Thread Safe (NTS) versions of PHP. See https://www.chilkatsoft.com/php.asp
  • Tar: Fixed a crash bug in the VerifyTar method (for corrupt/garbage input files).
  • CkDateTime: added the GetAsTimestamp and SetFromTimestamp methods.
  • Email: Fixed issues having to do with structuring an email with multipart/related, multipart/alternative, etc.
  • Ftp2: Regarding the ForceIpAddress property: By default, Chilkat will NOT try to bind the data socket to the IP address specified by the ForceIpAddress property.
    You may use a special “bind-” prefix in the ForceIpAddress property to cause the data socket to be bound to the ForceIpAddress property. For example, put_ForceIpAddress(“bind-”)
    There was an undocumented feature where you can set the ForceIpAddress property equal to the keyword “control”. In this case, the IP address of the control connection is used.
    Also, Chilkat will now recognize the error message “I won’t open a connection to…”, and will automatically retry using the IP address from the message.
  • Csv: (FIXED) Csv.WriteFile2 did not work with utf-16.
  • CkString (C++): Added getUtf16 and setStringUtf16 methods.
  • IMAP/MailMan: (FIXED) The new format of the IMAP-only unlock code unloced IMAP, but not the MailMan object.
  • AbortCurrent: Added the AbortCurrent property to classes that can have event callbacks.
  • HTTP: Fixed a problem involving HTTP redirect responses in combination with HTTP proxies where both SSL/TLS and non-SSL/TLS URLs are involved.
  • IMAP: Added the capability to handle DIGEST-MD5 authentication for IMAP.
  • HTTP: Fixed problems handling 407 responses. Also fixed behavior when receiving a response with a “proxy-connection:close” header.
  • SshKey: (FIXED) SshKey.FromPuttyPrivateKey() failed if comment contained umlauts. See
  • JsonObject: (FIXED) Calling json.AddObjectAt on an empty JSON document failed.
  • FTP2: Reverted the Microsoft FTP workaround added to v9.5.0.56.
  • Socket: The non-SSL/TLS HTTP proxy functionality was fixed.
  • SCP: The DownloadFile method did not close the channel.

v9.5.0.56 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • Stream: Added a Stream class to be utilized more heavily in the future.
  • StreamConnector: Added the StreamConnector class for .NET to allow for System.IO.Stream’s to be used with Chilkat.Stream. See http://www.example-code.com/csharp/stream_connector_cs.asp
  • Crypt2: Added the EncryptStream and DecryptStream methods.
  • Compression: Added the CompressStream and DecompressStream methods.
  • JSON: Added the JsonObject and JsonArray classes.
  • Zip: Memory leak fixed.
  • Ruby: Added Ruby 2.3 builds.
  • PrivateKey: Fixed: The LoadPvkFile method was not working.
  • SshTunnel: Fixed: Large downloads are now working.
  • Socket: Crash bug fixed. Calling SendString when a socket was already disconnected would cause a crash in some circumstances.
  • SMTP/MailMan: The SmtpSessionLog is changed to no longer log the 1st 2500 chars of the MIME BODY, but to instead just log the size (number of bytes) of the MIME BODY.
  • Email: Very rare crash bug fixed.
  • HtmlToXml: Now avoids using CDATA when HTML entities are encountered. Instead, HTML entity expressed in decimal (or hex) notation, such as ’ are automatically decoded to the char that it represents.
  • PureBasic: A method that returns a string will return an empty string instead of a 0/NULL. Make sure to use the LastMethodSuccess property to check to see if a string method succeeded or failed.
  • Ftp2: The IsConnected and NumFilesAndDirs properties should be avoided. They were already deprecated prior to this version release, but this is another recommendation to avoid these properties. Instead use the CheckConnection and GetDirCount methods.
  • C API: Added callback function pointers to the “C” API.
  • Imap: Fixed: AppendMail. When a nonexistent mailbox was provided, the method would hang until the ReadTimeout expired. Now it returns immediately.
  • Email: Fixed: If only the FromName property was set (and not the FromAddress property, nor the “From” property, then the FromName was getting lost when generating the MIME, such as by calling GetMime. This was because technically the email address is still incomplete/invalid.
  • MailMan: Added the following methods: Pop3Connect, Pop3Authenticate, and ConnectFailReason. The connect + authenticate has traditionally been a single method call (or something that automatically occurs with the 1st method making a request). The Pop3Connect and Pop3Authenticate methods make it possible for an application to do each step separately, which helps for reporting errors more specificallly.
  • SSH/SFTP: Added the EnableCompression property. An old server was discovered that did not correctly handle compression. Chilkat automatically disables compression when the problematic servers are encountered, but if undiscovered old servers have the same problem, this property can be set to work around the problem.
  • Email: Fixed: Emails that have address of the format “CN=abc/O=abc” are not altered in any way. An email address can have any form (not just the standard name@address form).
  • Http: Added the ConnectFailReason property.
  • SshTunnel: Fixed: Problems where the data flow in a tunnel became stuck.
  • Email: Workaround for uuencoded email bodies where the uuencoding starts with a “begin …” line.
  • Encoding: Added the “base64url” encoding to the list of supported encodings. See http://cknotes.com/chilkat-binary-encoding-list/
  • HttpRequest: Fixed: The AddParam method stripped bare CR’s from the value. This does not happen anymore.
  • GitHub: The SMTPQ source code is released to GitHub, along with other example projects, distributions, etc. See https://github.com/chilkatsoft
  • SFTP: Fixed: The ReadDirMustMatch and ReadDirMustNotMatch properties did not work correctly.
  • Crypt2, Mime, Email: The default value of the Pkcs7CryptAlg was changed from “RC2” to “AES”.
  • POP3: Added internal workarounds for older POP3 servers that do not support the UIDL command. (It is extremely rare to find a POP3 server that does not support UIDL.)
  • SMTPQ/MailMan: The Windows-only SMTPQ related methods were fixed. The SMTPQ methods were working correctly in v9.5.0.54 and earlier, but a problem was inadvertently introduced in v9.5.0.55.
  • Unicode C++: Fixed: The LastMethodSuccess property was not getting set.
  • Mime: Fixed: Removed “email address cleaning” from CkMime. The MIME header was run through email-specific processing logic to clean/ensure well formatted email addresses. This should not have been done for the general-purpose MIME API.
  • Email: Fixed a SetHtmlBody problem. See http://www.chilkatforum.com/questions/9536/change-html-body-in-a-multipartrelated-mail
  • HttpRequest: Added the StreamChunkFromFile method.

v9.5.0.55 Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • Crypt2: Added the chacha20 and Poly1305 Message Authentication Code.
  • Crypt2: Added AES GCM encryption.
  • Zip: Fixed a problem with OpenZipAsync where the 1st call would succeed, but subsequent calls would fail.
  • Email: Email.SaveXml did not save BCC recipients.
  • Crypt2 (blowfish): When Chilkat originally implemented blowfish (more than 10 years ago), there was a problem having to do with byte-ordering. The solution was to name the fixed blowfish as “blowfish2”. When the CryptAlgorithm is set to “blowfish2”, Chilkat produces results that match published test vectors, and this has been the case for 10 years. The original “blowfish” was kept in place to avoid breaking existing applications. Version removes the original “blowfish”. Applications using the original “blowfish” (i.e. not “blowfish2”) should stay at v9.5.0.54, or better yet, update to use “blowfish2”.
  • OmaDrm: The OmaDrm class was removed. Nobody ever used it and it just took up space.
  • Encryption: All existing Chilkat Crypt2 symmetric block encryption algorithms: aes, blowfish2, twofish, chacha20, 3des, rc2, and des now support both OFB and CFB cipher modes. To use OFB or CFB modes, simply set the Crypt2.CipherMode property equal to “ofb” or “cfb”.
  • Ftp2/Socket: The following fix applies to the WinRT/Universal Windows Platform only: A bug having to do with accepting socket connections was fixed. This fixes Active-mode FTP2 data transfers because in Active mode, the client-side accepts the data connection from the server.
  • Email: Fixed: When a new email is created, if an attachment is first added prior to calling SetHtmlBody, the resultant email did not have the correct MIME structure.
  • SslAllowedCiphers: All Chilkat classes that can do SSL/TLS communications have an SslAllowedCiphers property. This property was enhanced to allow for individual cipher suites to be listed. An application can now explictly list the cipher suites it will accept.
  • HttpResponse: Fixed: The HttpResponse.LoadTaskResult always returned false/0, even when successful.
  • Cert: Fixed: When loading a certificate from a PFX/.p12, the issuer CN (common name) for some certs was not getting set.
  • SFTP: The ResumeUploadFileByName method was improved. When the remote file does not already exist, then Chilkat will open with writeOnly/createTruncate instead of readWrite/openOrCreate. This avoids problems with some servers. (On most servers, the original behavior posed no problem.)
  • SSL/TLS: Enhancement: If the keyword “secureRenegotiate” is included in SslAllowedCiphers, then
    renegotiating the TLS security parameters MUST be done securely (as per RFC 5746).
  • Http: Added two new properties: KeepResponseBody and LastResponseBody. For any HTTP method that does not return an HttpResponse object, then if KeepResponseBody is true, and if the response is text (not a binary response such as JPG data..), then the response body is saved to LastResponseBody.
  • HTTP/S3: The S3_UploadBytes method was improved to fix issues relating to large uploads over TLS.
  • PRNG: The RandomPassword method was fixed. See http://www.chilkatforum.com/questions/9233/prngs-randompassword-randomly-fails-to-include-required-characters
  • IMAP: The ListSubscribed method was fixed. See http://www.chilkatforum.com/questions/9434/why-listmailboxes-and-listsubscribed-returns-all-folders
  • Encoding: A new Chilkat encoding named “fingerprint” was added. The “fingerprint” encoding is lowercase hex with each byte separated by a colon character. See Chilkat Binary Encodings
  • TLS Pinning: Added TLS pinning functionality. TLS pinning is available for any Chilkat class that communicates via TLS, such as for Socket, Http, Ftp2, MailMan, Imap, etc. All of these classes now have a TlsPinSet property.
  • Cert: Added the Cert.SpkiFingerprint property to help implement TLS pinning.
  • Http: Fixed low-probability Proxy-Authorization: Basic error that could occur when non-usascii chars are used in the password.
  • HttpRequest: Added the HttpRequest.StreamChunkFromFile method.
  • Emoji Chars: Fixed problem handling emoji chars. Note: Emoji chars can only be represented by ucs4 (4 bytes per char). Some programming language environments, such as ActiveX, are limited to ucs2 (2 bytes per char) and therefore cannot support ucs4 chars passed back-and-forth between the app and the ActiveX.

v9.5.0.54 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • Email: Fixed: Setting the Email.From property *after* setting the Email.BounceAddress property would have the side-effect of overwriting the BounceAddress property.
  • SFTP: Fixed rarely encountered flow problems with a particular SSH server.
  • Zip: Fixed: Error in rewriting a ZIP64 zip (larger then 4GB or having more than 65536 files). There was an error when a large zip was opened, potentially modified, and rewritten.
  • Mono: Mono DLL on Windows fixed to use stdcall calling convention instead of cdecl.
  • PureBasic: Fixed the Windows 32-bit problem (which had to do with stdcall vs. cdecl calling conventions.
  • Mono: Added instructions for using Mono in Visual Studio here: Using Mono in Visual Studio
  • IMAP: Fixed minor problems in parsing BODYSTRUCTUREs from certain IMAP servers for certain emails.
  • HTTP: The SynchronousRequest method was sending “Content-Length: 0” header with GET requests. This should be harmless, but some servers did not react so kindly. The Content-Length header is now suppressed for GET requests sent via SynchronousRequest. (Note: SynchronousRequest is not typically used for GET requests..)

v9.5.0.53 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

The release was a partial release. Not all programming language / operating system / architectures were updated with this release. A full v9.5.0.54 release will be out shortly.

  • TAR: WriteTar mistakenly returned true if output file could not be opened/created.
  • XMP: Fixed: XMP issue reading some TIF images with IPTC metadata.
  • FTP2: Fixed problem described here: FTP hangs when already received close-notify when server shuts down.
  • ActiveX: The LastStringResultLen property is added to each Chilkat class. This is helpful for certain programming languages such as DataFlex or SQL Server where the size of the string returned may need to be known before using it.
    Each Chilkat ActiveX object has its own LastStringResult and LastStringResultLen properties. The KeepStringResult is a property of Chilkat.Global only. (It may be confusing that Chilkat.Global also has a LastStringResult property — but this is just like any other object..)

    Therefore, your code would set Global.KeepStringResult once at the beginning of your code.
    Let’s say you have an HttpResult object, and you want the BodyQP. You would access the BodyQP, but ignore the string returned.
    Then examine the HttpResult.LastStringResultLen, adjust your max string length (in DataFlex) if necessary, and then get the cached string from HttpResult.LastStringResult.

  • Zip: The WriteExe method was fixed for cases where a contained file is extremely large.
  • TLS: A fix was made for some sitatuions where a server immediately wishes to renegotiate after connecting.
  • SSH: The SSH Rekey handling for certain host key algorithms was fixed.
  • StringArray: Fixed: GetStringLen returned the size in bytes of the utf-8 representation instead of returning the length in characters.
  • FTP2: Will auto-retry using the opposite of the PassiveUseHostAddr property setting in certain situations.

v9.5.0.52 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

  • Java (including Android): Added event callback capabilities for progress monitoring.
  • Async: Added asynchronous functionality for all qualifying methods across all programming languages, operating systems, and architectures. Each Chilkat method that can potentially be time-consuming or involve network communications, now has a corresponding asynchronous version of the method with the name ending in “Async”.
  • Ecc: Added a new Ecc class for elliptical curve cryptography.
  • Prng: Added a new class for secure random number generation using the Fortuna algorithm.
  • Task, TaskChain: These new classes are part of the async functionality.
  • Socket: Fixed: The session log did not included data received from the ReceiveUntilMatch method.
  • Email: Fixed: The Email.GetTo method returned Q/B encoded (if 8bit) instead of automatically decoding (as was the behavior in prior versions).
  • FTP2: Added the DataProtection property.
  • All: Added the LastMethodSuccess property.
  • Certs:Fixed: The root certs explicitly trusted via the TrustedRoots class were not being used by the VerifyCert method.
  • FTP2: Fixed the Quote method.
  • MailMan: Fixed: When the EMail.From is updated, the next email sent did not use it in the MAIL FROM.
  • SQL Server/ActiveX/Global: Added the KeepStringResult and LastStringResult properties to the Global object for ActiveX. This allows for an ActiveX running in the SQL Server environment to access large string return values via temp tables.
  • Xml: The AccumulateTagContent now allows an app to pass “*” or empty string to accumulate the text for any tag. This is one way to implement the innerText HTML function.
  • MailMan: Fixed the VerifySmtpLogin method.
  • Global: Added the Chilkat.Global.DefaultNtlmVersion property. The default NTLM protocol version is 2. It may optionally be set to 1. This determines the version of the NTLM protocol used by SMTP, HTTP, IMAP, POP3, and HTTP proxies whenever NTLM authentication is used.
  • Ssh/SFtp: Added the AuthFailReason property.
  • Zip: Fixed the AppendFiles method for non-Windows implementations.
  • Socket: Fixed and improved the ConnectFailReason/AcceptFailReason properties.
  • CkString: Added punycode encoding/decoding methods.
  • IMAP: Fixed rare BODYSTRUCTURE parsing issues w/ particular emails from inbox.com.
  • CkStringArray: Added the ReplaceAt method.