Chilkat v8.6.0.0 New Features

Chilkat v8.6.0.0 is being released today. Here’s a list of the major new features/fixes. Documentation and new examples will appear soon after the new version is available at


  • ZIP64 extensions are now supported. There is effectively no limitation on the size of individual files that can be zipped or unzipped. There is also no limitation for the total zip size. There is no longer a limitation on how many files may be included within a .zip. (The previous limitation was 65536 because the zip file format uses a 2-byte unsigned int for the file count, but this limitation is removed with the ZIP64 file format.)
  • Unicode extensions are now supported.  It is possible to create zip archives with mixtures of filenames in any language.  (Previously, it was possible to create zip archives containing filenames in any language, but you couldn’t mix languages, except for us-ascii + any other language.)
  • Performance should be improved.
  • Optimizations for “storing” already-compressed files will also improve performance. As an example, if a .zip is present in a directory tree that is zipped, you’ll have a .zip within a .zip. Re-compressing a .zip is generally a waste of CPU cycles because no additional compression typically occurs. Files like this are simply “stored” within the .zip without re-compressing.


  • Automatically handles One-Time Password (OTP), also known as S/KEY authentication.

RSA Private Keys:

  • Able to read/write the encrypted PKCS8 key file format.


  • Bug fixed if an SSL server issues a renegotiate. This underlying fix applies to all components that support SSL/TLS: POP3, SMTP, IMAP, FTP, HTTP, Socket, etc.


  • New functions available for converting existing connections to/from SSL/TLS.


  • The DSA component is fully functional and released. Documentation and examples will be posted soon.


  • The DH component is fully functional and released. Documentation and examples will be posted soon.

SSH Keys:

  • The long-awaited SSH component will make its first appearance with the release of the supporting SshKey class/object that will provide the ability to read/write Putty and OpenSSH format keys. RSA and DSA keys are supported, as well as encrypted/non-encrypted, and public/private keys. The SshKey class is freeware because it is a supporting class. The upcoming “Chilkat SSH” component will not be freeware.
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