The current latest stable version release notes: Chilkat v9.5.0.78 Release Notes

Chilkat v9.5.0.79 pre-Release Notes

  • 21-May-2019 HttpResponse: (fixed) The FullMime property did not return the full MIME of the HTTP response. Instead, it returned the BodyStr.
  • 27-May-2019: SFtp, Ssh: Added the LastJsonData method. This provides the ability to get additional information for some method calls. For example, after calling Connect the LastJsonData will list the algorithms used to establish the SSH connection. Also, authentication failure reason information is available for each of the Authenticate* methods.
  • 27-May-2019: Mailman: Fixed duplicate response lines from appearing in the Pop3SessionLog.
  • 27-May-2019: Mailman: Updated the Pop3SendRawCommand method to properly retrieve multiline responses such as CAPA or UIDL.
  • 30-May-2019: Rest: Fixed: ReadRespBodyStream immediately failed if the download was larger than 4GB.
  • 5-June-2019: Http: Fixed: In some cases, ParseOcspReply returned JSON where information was missing/incorrect.
  • 7-June-2019: XmlDSigGen: Fixed: References to elements that are empty (have no children) caused a “Did not find same-document Reference Id” error when signing.
  • 10-June-2019: Ftp2: Fixed an AS/400 directory listing parse problem.
  • 12-June-2019: Encoding: Added ascii85 encoding/decoding to the list of supported binary encoding algorithms. “ascii85” can be used anywhere in the Chilkat API where an encoding such as “base64”, “hex”, “base58”, etc. is used.