The previous version release notes: Chilkat v9.5.0.80 Release Notes

(Chilkat v9.5.0.81 was a hotfix specific to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) on NuGet.)

Chilkat v9.5.0.82 Pre-Release Notes

  • 6-Nov-2019 JsonObject: Type JsonTypeOf method returned -1 for inner nodes rather than the correct value of 3.
  • 6-Nov-2019 Ftp2: Improved internal directory parsing for z/OS FTP servers returning MVS datasets.
  • 10-Nov-2019 Http: Added the TlsNoClientRootCert keyword to the UncommonOptions property.  Prevents the root CA cert from being included in the client certificate chain sent to the server for client-side authentication.
  • 12-Nov-2019 Xml: In attribute values: tabs, newlines, carriage returns are emitted using “	”, “
”, and “
” respectively.
  • 12-Nov-2019: Http: The QuickGetObj and QuickGet methods did not propery set the WasRedirected and FinalRedirectUrl properties when redirects are automatically followed.
  • 12-Nov-2019: Ftp2: Solved problems with some Active mode data transfers (non-passive mode transfers).
  • 17-Nov-2019: StringBuilder: Added the ReplaceNoCase method to do string case-insensitive string replacements.
  • 24-Nov-2019: Csv: GetNumCols(rowIndex) returned a cached row count after a row is deleted by DeleteRow.
  • 29-Nov-2019: SSH/SFTP: Default for EnableCompression is changed to false because some servers fail with compression enabled, and in other cases performance is slower with compression enabled.  (Yet in other cases, it’s possible that performance is better with compression enabled — it entirely has to do with the compressibility of the data being sent/received.)
  • 13-Dec-2019: Delphi DLL: Added event callbacks.  See
  • 17-Dec-2019: Pfx: Added the ability to decode PFX files that are AES256-SHA256 Encrypted
  • 18-Dec-2019: TLS: For the case where a client certificate is needed for authentication (two-way SSL / mutual authentication), if on a Windows system where the private key is installed in the Windows protected store as non-exportable with the security option to force a dialog to be displayed when accessing — in this case Chilkat would fail because the private key was accessed using the “silent flag” (to prevent a Windows dialog).  This is fixed.  The dialog will appear (triggered by the private key access and displayed by the Windows OS), and the TLS handshake will complete.   NOTE: Private key installed in this way cannot be used in non-interactive applications.
  • 19-Dec-2019: Tar: Fixed the UntarFirstMatchingToMemory method.