Customer problem:

Hi having trouble getting @chilkat/ck-electron4-win64 working. Im getting this error:

Uncaught Error: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.


I’m unable to reproduce the problem. Here are the steps taken to install Electron 4.0.4 and use Chilkat from scratch…

using the Electron quick start as shown here:

(1) Start the GitHub Bash shell

(2) Go to /c/Users/admin/electron-quick-start
$ npm install electron@4.0.4

(3) To run Hello World:
$ npm start

(4) Install Chilkat..
$ npm install @chilkat/ck-electron4-win64

(5) Open main.js and add the following at the top:

var os = require('os');
var chilkat = require('@chilkat/ck-electron4-win64');

(6) Add the following lines in createWindow() just to test something w/ Chilkat

     var sb = new chilkat.StringBuilder();
sb.Append("hello world");

(7) Rebuild and run.