FTP case sensitivity

I had a question regarding the ChangeRemoteDir method, however. Is it case sensitive? If so, is there any way to force the method to ignore the case and just check for the correct spelling?
Also, do I have to call ChangeRemoteDir for each folder level or can I, for example, call ChangeRemoteDir(“folder1/folder2/folder3”)?

The case sensitivity depends on the case sensitivity of the filesystem at the FTP server. If the FTP server is running on a Linux/Unix system, it is probably case-sensitive. For example, it is entirely possible that “Folder1” and “folder1” can both exist, each being a different directory. If the FTP server is running on a Windows filesystem, then it is most likely case insensitive. (It is actually possible to make the Windows filesystem case-sensitive, but it is not the default and therefore 99.99% of all Windows systems/servers will have case-insensitive filesystems unless the system administrator explicitly changed the setting.)

Regarding the 2nd question: Yes, you may call ChangeRemoteDir(“folder1/folder2/folder3”).

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