This post points to the various examples and blog posts scattered among the,, and involving progress monitoring of  FTP uploads and downloads using the Chilkat FTP2 ActiveX, .NET component, and C++ libs.

Important for Monitoring Upload Progress: The SendBufferSize property is set to a large value (512K) to maximize performance.  Unfortunately, this usually ruins the frequency of “percent done” callbacks for upload (not downloads, just uploads).  To improve the upload “percent done” callback frequency, set the SendBufferSize property to a smaller value, such as 4K.  It may slow the upload transfer rate a bit, but it improves the progress monitoring capability.  You can experiment with different values for SendBufferSize to determine what best suits your needs.

Monitoring Download Percent-Done: Be sure to read about the AutoGetSizeForProgress and the ProgressMonSize properties in the Chilkat online reference documentation.  Depending on your FTP server, it may be necessary to set the AutoGetSizeForProgress equal to True to properly receive percent-done event callbacks.  In most cases, neither property is needed — it entirely depends on whether the FTP server provides file-size information in the intermediate response to a “RETR” FTP protocol command.

FTP2 Events in C# and VB.NET:

FTP2 Events in VB6

FTP2 Events in C++

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