New versions of most Chilkat components were released on 3-November-2008. This blog post lists the major changes and new features. For those components with no apparent changes, minor new versions are released to take advantage of any underlying improvements in the internal (Chilkat) libs that form the base of all Chilkat products.

New Products, Features, and Fixes

  • Chilkat SSH / SFTP official released.
  • Chilkat Zip problems with the ZIP64 extensions were fixed. There are no limitations on zip file size, the number of files that may be included within a zip, or the size of individual files within a zip.
  • Long filepaths are now supported in all Chilkat components.
  • (.NET) The Dispose methods will ensure that any open TCP/IP (or SSL) socket connections are closed. This applies to all components that communicate over sockets: IMAP, Email (POP3/SMTP), FTP2, HTTP, SSH, etc.
  • SSH Tunneling (port forwarding) was added to the IMAP and Email components. It is possible to achieve SSH tunneling for IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 by adding a few additional lines of code. The remainder of your application code remains the same.
  • Unlock codes for unpaid, overdue invoice payments are invalidated in the new version. Those customers with overdue invoice payments have already been notified.