Question from User:   Is there some sample code for Stripe Webhooks in classic ASP? I looked around, and didnt see anything.  Specifically, validating the signatures

Answer:  A Webhook is an HTTP POST that will get sent to your server when a particular event occurs.   You would write an ASP page to receive the HTTP POST.  The ASP code to receive the HTTP POST is just straight ASP (no Chilkat involved).

You’ll write ASP code to get the POST’s data. If the POST was an application/json Content-Type, then the body of the HTTP POST will contain JSON.   If the POST was an application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Type, then you’ll have name/value params.  The Stripe online developer documentation should tell you about format and data contained in each event’s POST.

Once you’ve accessed/extracted the POST’s data, then you might use Chilkat to help in processing it — such as for the JSON parsing or signature validation.  To help answer questions about signature validation, I would first need to see a sample of the POST data for that particular case.