Chilkat C++ Libraries safe for multi-threading?

Question: Are the Chilkat C++ libraries safe for multi-threading? Answer: Yes. However, it is best practice that you don’t allow multiple threads to call methods on the same object instance at the same time. Also, objects that communicate via an Internet protocol, such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, HTTP, etc. should not be shared between threads. It is OK to […]

POP3 and SMTP multithread-safe?

Question: Is your component fully threadable? Is it thread safe to use in a multithreaded application? Does it Supports multiple (simultaneous) connections? Answer: Yes, it’s safe for multi-threading. However, you cannot have several threads all trying to share the same POP3 or SMTP session at the same time because they would all interfere with each other — for example, one […]