Convert CSV to utf-8?

Question: We’ve purchased a few of your products in the past and they work great.  Here’s a question on another one:  I’m creating a .csv file within a vfp program and I need it to be an Utf-8 format.  I’m not finding anywhere how to do that programatically.  Do you have a product that will convert? Answer: For those that […]

Understanding a typical 8bit character problem (such as w/ European language accented chars)

If a single accented European character is incorrectly displayed as two seemingly random characters, then the issue is that at some point utf-8 bytes were incorrectly interpreted as ANSI bytes. For example, consider the character “é”. In the utf-8 encoding, this character is represented in two bytes: 0xC3 0xA9 In the typical ANSI encoding (such as Windows-1252 or iso-8859-1) it […]

Scan/Replace Text in Email Body in C++

This example may help C++ programmers needing to scan email bodies for strings and automatically replace: void EmailBodyExample(void) { CkEmail email; // Set the plain-text and HTML alternative bodies. // Note: Because we’re using literal strings, the strings passed // to these methods are ANSI strings (i.e. they are 1-byte per char // in this case). email.AddPlainTextAlternativeBody(“á, é, í, ó, […]

Utf8 C++ property allows for utf-8 or ANSI “const char *”

All Chilkat C++ classes have a Utf8 property. For example: class CkEmail : public CkObject { public: CkEmail(); virtual ~CkEmail(); … bool get_Utf8(void) const; void put_Utf8(bool b); … const char *addFileAttachment(const char *fileName); … }; The Utf8 property controls how the bytes pointed by “const char *” arguments are interpreted. By default, “const char *” strings are interpreted as ANSI […]

Zip with Unicode Filenames (utf-8)

New examples demonstrating how to create a Zip archive using Unicode filenames: ASP: Create Zip with utf-8 Filenames (Unicode filenames) SQL Server: Create Zip with utf-8 Filenames (Unicode filenames) C#: Create Zip with utf-8 Filenames (Unicode filenames) C++: Create Zip with utf-8 Filenames (Unicode filenames) MFC: Create Zip with utf-8 Filenames (Unicode filenames) C: Create Zip with utf-8 Filenames (Unicode […]