Utf8 C++ property allows for utf-8 or ANSI “const char *”

All Chilkat C++ classes have a Utf8 property. For example: class CkEmail : public CkObject { public: CkEmail(); virtual ~CkEmail(); … bool get_Utf8(void) const; void put_Utf8(bool b); … const char *addFileAttachment(const char *fileName); … }; The Utf8 property controls how the bytes pointed by “const char *” arguments are interpreted. By default, “const char *” strings are interpreted as ANSI […]

FTP Unicode Directory Listings

Question: Files on the FTP server contain Unicode characters (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.). How do I get the correct filenames in my (Chilkat FTP2) client? Answer: It is very dependent on the capabilities of the FTP server. Many servers are incapable of sending Unicode directory listings. If an FTP server supports Unicode directory listings, it will use utf-8 (which is […]