Have you ever worked with Avalara Tax Software?  I need to write an interface between our application and Avalara.  Do you know if I could use the Chilkat REST API to write the interface?


Yes, you can use Chilkat REST to call any REST API.   A good way to go about it is to see if the REST API provider publishes reference documentation in the form of CURL statements.  Avalara provides it.  For example, go to , scroll down, and click on “Example CURL Request to expand it.

In a separate browser tab/window, go to    Paste the CURL command into the online form to generate the source code.

Also.. check the vendor’s REST API reference documentation for a sample response.  Avalara provides sample responses.  You can paste the sample response into the online tool.  Also specify the type of response (JSON or XML) in the dropdown.  The tool will also generate code to parse the sample response.