Purchased Unlock Code

Question: Very quick question for you about distribution. Is it a simple matter of just using this unlock code in the appropriate place in the code and adding a reference to the dll in my project? Or, do I need to include and run your MSI with the installation of my own application for all of my customers? Answer: You […]

FTP2 Events for FoxPro

The Chilkat FTP2 ActiveX has events for progress monitoring. The events may also be used to abort an FTP upload/download, or to skip files and/or directories. These are the events in Visual FoxPro terms: PROCEDURE _IChilkatFtp2Events_PutProgress(percentDone AS Number) AS VOID; PROCEDURE _IChilkatFtp2Events_GetProgress(percentDone AS Number) AS VOID; PROCEDURE _IChilkatFtp2Events_AbortCheck(abortFlag AS Number) AS VOID; PROCEDURE _IChilkatFtp2Events_BeginDownloadFile(filePath AS String, skipFlag AS Number) AS […]

Access MIME Parts from HTTP Request?

Question: Is it possible to “grab“ mime parts directly from incoming HTTP request with Chilkat.Mime object? LoadMimeFile() works like a charm. Answer: Yes, if you are using a ChilkatDotNet2.dll that is more than a few weeks old (from the date of this post), download the latest from http://www.chilkatsoft.com/preRelease/ChilkatDotNet2.zip The latest build has a new feature built into the LoadMime and […]

FTP Unicode Directory Listings

Question: Files on the FTP server contain Unicode characters (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.). How do I get the correct filenames in my (Chilkat FTP2) client? Answer: It is very dependent on the capabilities of the FTP server. Many servers are incapable of sending Unicode directory listings. If an FTP server supports Unicode directory listings, it will use utf-8 (which is […]

Is SMTPQ an SMTP Server?

The SMTPQ service is not an SMTP server. It’s a service that watches a directory for special .eml files. When a .eml file appears, it reads it, extracts and removes information from the header and sends the email by connecting to an SMTP server. The information extracted from the .eml includes the SMTP hostname, login, password, and other sending-params. The […]

scRet: 80090305

If you find an 8-digit hexidecimal error code in your LastErrorText, the best way to understand what it may mean is to Google the error number. In this example, search for “80090305”. You may also send the contents of the LastErrorText to support@chilkatsoft.com. PS> If displaying LastErrorText in an ASP or ASP.NET web page, be sure to HTML encode the […]

Using Assembly in ASP.NET – Simplest Example

This example demonstrates the simplest method for using a .NET assembly in an ASP.NET web page. 1) Create a new file “helloWorld.aspx” in your web site’s root directory. Using a text editor, add this: <%@ Page Language=”C#” %> <%@ Import Namespace=”Chilkat” %> <html> <head> <title>ASP.NET Hello World</title> </head> <body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”> <p> <% Chilkat.Ftp2 ftp = new Chilkat.Ftp2(); Response.Write(ftp.Version); %> </p> […]

C# Blowfish Test Vectors

C# to match the Blowfish test vectors at this URL: http://www.schneier.com/code/vectors.txt // keys string[] key = new string[] { “0000000000000000”, “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”, “3000000000000000”, “1111111111111111”, “0123456789ABCDEF”, “1111111111111111”, “0000000000000000”, “FEDCBA9876543210”, “7CA110454A1A6E57”, “0131D9619DC1376E”, “07A1133E4A0B2686”, “3849674C2602319E”, “04B915BA43FEB5B6”, “0113B970FD34F2CE”, “0170F175468FB5E6”, “43297FAD38E373FE”, “07A7137045DA2A16”, “04689104C2FD3B2F”, “37D06BB516CB7546”, “1F08260D1AC2465E”, “584023641ABA6176”, “025816164629B007”, “49793EBC79B3258F”, “4FB05E1515AB73A7”, “49E95D6D4CA229BF”, “018310DC409B26D6”, “1C587F1C13924FEF”, “0101010101010101”, “1F1F1F1F0E0E0E0E”, “E0FEE0FEF1FEF1FE”, “0000000000000000”, “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”, “0123456789ABCDEF”, “FEDCBA9876543210” }; string[] plainText = new string[] { […]

osErrorInfo: Access is denied.

If you find the error “osErrorInfo: Access is denied.” in LastErrorText, it means that the file could not be opened because of file permissions problems. The “Access is denied” message originates from the Windows operating system. Check the file and directory permissions to make sure the calling process has permission to open the file for read and/or write access. Check […]

Service Extension for Delivery Status Notifications (DSNs)

Chilkat’s email component supports the SMTP DSN extensions (RFC 3461). The MailMan object includes these properties specific to RFC 3461: DsnEnvid: (An SMTP DSN service extension feature) An arbitrary string that will be used as the ENVID property when sending email. See RFC 3461 for more details. DsnNotify: (An SMTP DSN service extension feature) A string that will be used […]