Failed to get initial SMTP response..

Question: I have 21 text message service applications running on a single PC. These apps send out weather alerts to radio station listeners several times a day. Each may have a few subscribers to a few hundred subscribers, so at the top of the hour, the messages for the people signed up for that hour are sent. I sometimes get […]

SSH: Failed to read 1st key exchange packet

Here’s an explanation for the following error message: Established TCP/IP connection with SSH server FromServer: SSH-1.5-Cisco-1.25 numBytesRequested: 8 Connection closed by server. Failed to read data on SSH connection. Failed to read 1st key exchange packet Failed. The error message indicates that as soon as the TCP/IP socket connection was accepted by the SSH server, it then decided to disconnect. […]

WriteZipAndClose – Failed to move Zip file

When Chilkat Zip writes a .zip, it first writes to a temporary file. (The location of the temporary file is controlled by the zip.TempDir property.) After the .zip is successfully written to the temp file, it is then renamed (i.e. moved) to the output filename. The reason for doing this is to safeguard an existing .zip when rewriting. If writing […]

FTP Upload Files to Web Server?

Question: We are trying out the FTP2 ActiveX component for ASP. What we need to do is have people be able to upload files to the web server over the Internet. Is this component able to do this – or can it only FTP files that are already on the web server? Answer: This is a common question. The need […]

Not all POP3 emails seen?

Question: Our problem that in the POP3 incoming account there are 400 mails but the developer’s UIDL query can see only the first 251 mails and downloads only 251 mails. Answer: There may be several common reasons.  The first thing to do is to verify number of emails in the mailbox by calling the mailman.GetMailboxCount method.  It sends a STAT […]

FTP Delete – What if file doesn’t exist on server?

Question: There is a possibility that the file to be deleted does not actually exist, so can I do a test first so that i only delete if it is present and thus avoid any nasty warning about missing files? Answer: The Chilkat components/libraries never pop up warnings or display error messages — they simply return success/failure status and provide […]

Debugging Self-Extracting Executables at Runtime

Question: Some of our users are reporting that the self-extracting file reports “Failed to extract file”. The user has admin access to the file system and the file is not corrupted. Answer: When running the self-extracting EXE, use the “-log” command line option to generate a log file with error information. If the reason for failure is not clear, send […]

Opening Zip Files in COM+

This blog post describes the solution to a problem experienced by a Chilkat customer trying to open a .zip archive using the Chilkat Zip ActiveX component in COM+. His/her code worked in a typical application environment, but not in COM+. The error occurred when trying to open a large .zip. The solution was to enable compensation and 3GB support (see […]

Multiple SSH Tunnels – ODBC Connection

Question: Hi, I’m extremely interested in purchasing the Chilikat SSH dll. Let me describe my situation: I have several host sites (approximately 70 of them) that allow me to connect to their SSH servers. All of these sites have a database server (sitting on the same server as the ssh server) accepting connections on port 1937. I have been successful […]

Ms-Exch-SMTP-Submit Permissions problem seems like invalid login/password

This just came to our attention. When sending email using Exchange Server, a Ms-Exch-SMTP-Submit Permissions problem seems like an incorrect login/password error. A sample of the Chilkat.MailMan’s LastErrorXml is shown below. To get more information, Google “Ms-Exch-SMTP-Submit permission”… <ChilkatLog> <SendEmail> <DllDate>Mar 6 2009</DllDate> <UnlockPrefix>anything for 30-day trial</UnlockPrefix> <Username>***</Username> <Component>Java</Component> <Recipients> <NumTo>1</NumTo> <To>***</To> <NumCC>0</NumCC> <NumBCC>0</NumBCC> </Recipients> <info>Need new SMTP connection</info> <SMTP_Connect> […]