Microsoft Certificate Support PDF

I found this PDF somewhere on Microsoft’s site, but now I cannot find it anymore.  Therefore, I uploaded it to here: This contains a collection of how-to procedures for certificates: Install certificate after deleting the pending certificate request (IIS 6.0) Installing Server Certificates (IIS 6.0) How to install a certificate for use with IP Security in Windows Server 2003 […]

Date/Time Properties in Ruby

This is an example that generally applies to all methods/properties in the Chilkat API’s that return a date/time (for the Ruby programming language) sysTime = # Get the last-mod date/time fileObj.GetLastModifiedTime(sysTime) lastModTime = sysTime.wMonth.to_s() lastModTime = lastModTime + “/” + sysTime.wDay.to_s() lastModTime = lastModTime + “/” + sysTime.wYear.to_s() lastModTime = lastModTime + ” ” + sysTime.wHour.to_s() lastModTime = lastModTime […]

(FTP) WSAEACCES An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions

Question (solution is below) Today one of my customer’s got the following connect error when running my application. This same application works just fine on my system as well as almost 100 others. It had run correctly on her computer until she installed an upgrade. The connect error is: Port: 21 Host: www.***.com sockError: 10013 Connect: failed WSAEACCES An attempt […]

FTP Upload Speed

Question: We’re rather puzzled by what appears to be capped speeds on uploads, despite no cap being set. Testing uploads, we’re seeing about 350 KB/s via the Ck library to our (local network) FTP server. A FileZilla transfer of the same file to the same server can happily hit up to 7MB/s. I realize Ck supports bandwidth throttling, but those […]

VB6 – SHA-1 Hash and Base64 Encode

Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim crypt As New ChilkatCrypt2 success = crypt.UnlockComponent(“30-day trial”) If (success = 0) Then MsgBox crypt.LastErrorText Exit Sub End If Dim plainText As String plainText = “To be SHA-1 hashed…” crypt.EncodingMode = “base64” ‘ Hash the string and base64-encode in 1-Step Text1.Text = crypt.HashStringENC(plainText) ‘ Now do it in 2-steps. Should produce the same results as for […]

C++ String Compression: PPMD, Deflate, BZip2, LZW

This C++ example demonstrates string compression using four different compression algorithms: PPMD, Deflate, BZip2, and LZW. void TestCompression(const char *algorithm) { CkCompression comp; comp.put_Algorithm(algorithm); printf (“algorithm: %s\n”,algorithm); CkByteData compressedData; comp.CompressString(“abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc 123 123 abc 123”,compressedData); // Get the compressed data: const unsigned char *pCompressedData = compressedData.getBytes(); unsigned long numBytes = compressedData.getSize(); […]