Using SYSTEMTIME in Java

Chilkat methods that return date/time information do so using SYSTEMTIME. The reason is that Chilkat’s C++ API uses SYSTEMTIME (a MS Windows struct for holding date/time information) and these are wrapped to produce the Java (JNI) API. Here is an example showing how to access the contents of SYSTEMTIME: CkEmail email = new CkEmail(); SYSTEMTIME dt = new SYSTEMTIME(); email.get_LocalDate(dt); […]

SFTP WS_FTP OpenFile “Folder not found” Error

If you pass a filename with no path to the SFTP OpenFile method, and the SFTP server is WS_FTP, you may get a “Folder not found” error. An SFTP server *should* open or create the file in the home directory of the logged-in account. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the WS_FTP server. The fix is to call […]

ESET NOD32 false-positive: Genetik Trojan

Recently, the ESET NOD32 AntiVirus program began erroneously detecting the Chilkat .NET 2.0/3.5 download as containing a Genetik Trojan virus. This is incorrect (i.e. it is a false positive). After researching the Genetik Trojan, it has become apparent that NOD32’s virus definition for this particular virus is frequently a false-positive. If you experience this problem, report the false-positive by sending […]

Adding reference to .NET component in SSIS

Question: “When using Chilkat .NET from an SSIS script, make sure the ChilkatDotNet2.dll assembly is stored in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). This is required to allow the .NET runtime to find and load the assembly.” However, when I try to add a reference to ChilkatDotNet2.dll it does not show up on the list of available dll’s. Do you have […]

Chilkat 9.0.0 Release Notes

Crypt2 Added “UU” and “Base32” to the encoding and decoding capabilities.  Any method ending in “ENC” may now encode to/from UU and Base32.   The encoding is controlled by the EncodingMode property, which allows for these new encodings, as well as all of the existing ones — Hex, Base64, Quoted-Printable, URL, etc. Added EncodeString and DecodeString methods. Added UuMode and UuFilename […]

425 Unable to build data connection: Connection timed out

This error can happen when trying to transfer a file or list a directory in Active (PORT) mode. The problem is usually solved by switching to Passive mode. Set the Ftp2.Passive property equal to True. Explanation of the problem: In Active mode, the data connection is setup like this: The client sends a PORT command telling the server the port […]

Error: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling application may fix this problem.

This error message is usually an indication that the VC++ runtime is missing on a system. Downloading and installing the Microsoft VC++ runtime that matches the version you need will fix this problem.  To find the redistributable at, Google using this search string “visual c++ redistributable 2005”.  Substitute “2008”, “2002”, or “2003” for different versions… For example, one recent […]

Invalid class string / Invalid ProgID

This note applies to the instantiation of ActiveX components (not .NET assemblies). If a call to CreateObject (VBScript) or Server.CreateObject (ASP) or sp_OACreate (SQL) fails with the following errors: Invalid class string Invalid ProgID It indicates that the ActiveX has not been registered via regsvr32 on the computer, or the registry permissions on the ProgID key prevent the object from […]