SFTP Progress Monitoring and Abort (C#)

Here is an example for monitoring the progress of an SFTP file transfer: void sftp_OnPercentDone(object sender, Chilkat.PercentDoneEventArgs args) { progressBar1.Value = args.PercentDone; // To abort at any point, you may set args.Abort = true // args.Abort = true; } void sftp_OnAbortCheck(object sender, Chilkat.AbortCheckEventArgs args) { // See https://cknotes.com/?p=149 for more information about // using the AbortCheck event… } private void […]

SFTP Upload in VB6 with Progress Monitoring

The PercentDone event is called when the percentage completion increases by one or more points.  To use events in VB6, Dim the variable WithEvents.  Then name the event callback using the variable name.  (You should already understand how to use VB6 events in general prior to using the Chilkat objects.  A good VB6 book is “Programming Visual Basic 6.0” by […]

FTP to HP3000 Servers

To upload a file via FTP to an HP3000 server, you would type something like this from an interactive FTP prompt: Put myfile.txt myfile;rec=-32,1,f,ascii;disc=250000 To duplicate this with Chilkat, call PutFile such that the remote filename is “myfile;rec=-32,1,f,ascii;disc=250000”. For example: // This is a C# example, but the same concept applies w/ using Chilkat in any of the supported // […]

Chilkat 9.0.3 Release Notes

SMTP (MailMan) Added the MailMan.SendMimeBytes method to allow for sending the exact MIME source of an email from a byte array. This is useful for emails that have 8bit encodings. (With ActiveX, byte arrays are passed as Variants containing a byte array.) This method is also useful for sending DKIM signed email, because the output of the Chilkat.Dkim signature creation […]

SFTP Server Error Messages – sometimes obscure and misleading

Two recent customer support issues prompted this post.  In both cases, the error reported by the SFTP server was both lacking in information as well as somewhat misleading.  One brand of server was: SSH-2.0-http://www.sshtools.com J2SSH [SERVER] The other was: SSH-2.0-WS_FTP-SSH_7.1 With the 1st SSH server, the following error occurred when trying to open a file: OpenFile: DllDate: Jun 10 2009 […]

Chilkat 9.0.2 Release Notes

RSA Fixed PEM to XML conversion so that XML is compatible with .NET Framework’s XML requirements. Fixed RSA key generation. In some cases, RSA generated keys were not valid. Verified key acceptance and signature matching between Chilkat, OpenSSL, and .NET MIME / DKIM Fixed DKIM and DomainKeys signature generation. Tested and verified DKIM / DomainKeys signatures in emails sent to […]