SFTP Path Syntax

The SFTP protocol does not specify how absolute paths should be formatted.  For example, suppose your SFTP server runs on a Windows system and you wish to open (on the remote server) “C:\Temp\someFile.txt”.   Passing the exact string “C:\Temp\someFile.txt” to OpenFile will likely result in failure.  Different SSH/SFTP servers may expect different path conventions.  To discover what your SFTP server expects, […]

ActiveX on Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2005?

Question: I want my web hosting company to install your XML and Encryption controls on the server so I can use the ASP code. They are asking me the following question. “Can you verify with them that they support Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2005? IO am not seeing these listed on their site.” Answer: Yes, all of the Chilkat […]

Understanding GMail’s Behavior

This blog post will explain GMail in a way that will help you understand it’s seemingly strange behavior. The question that prompted this post is as follows: I am able to read mails from GMail mailbox using MailMan object. Is there any options to delete a mail permanently from GMail mailbox? When I am using the DeleteMail method the mail […]

SocketError: WSAECONNRESET An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

Question: What is this error message? How can I avoid such error message in the future? ChilkatLog: ChangeRemoteDir: DllDate: Sep 1 2009 UnlockPrefix: ABC123FTP Username: something Component: .NET 2.0 dir: / SocketError: WSAECONNRESET An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. Error sending on socket send_size: 7 Failed to send CWD command Failed. Answer: This indicates that the […]

Chilkat C++ Libs – Link and Maintain Single EXE?

Question: I am developing a single EXE in C++ that doesn’t make use of any external libraries and including MFC. Can I add your zip libaries to my application and still maintain the application as a single EXE? Answer: Yes, the Chilkat C++ libs may be linked directly into your application.  This results in a single EXE containing the Chilkat library […]

Improving MHT Download Performance with Caching

Question: I’m spidering search results and trying to archive hundreds of pages to MHT’s.  I’m testing your control and found it much slower than Internet Explorer. Also, while I’m not doing this now, is this control threadsafe if I ever wanted to try that to improve performance? Answer: Internet Explorer is faster because it uses multiple threads, and because it uses […]

SFTP and SSH: Separate Connections Required?

Question: I have an application using your code that does several SSH and SFTP command during processing. Can I just establish a connection, authenticate passwords and the other setup steps once and then use that connection throughout the program or do I need to perform these steps in every function? If I can do I need a separate connection for […]

Exchange Server – POP3, IMAP, and SMTP

Question: May I ask if is possible use Chilkat components to connect to MS Exchange 6.5 and higher ? I am thinking about purchase of MailMan component or other as it is, however I would like read some example in C# for reading emails from Exchange and sending emails via Exchange after connecting to the specified account domain/logname & password. […]

ClickOnce w/ x64 DLL’s

I recently discovered this crucial bit of information: I compile my project for x86 systems (vs Any CPU or x64). Just wanted you to be aware of this. Your last email stated “You must deploy the x64 ChilkatDotNet2.dll to x64 systems” which is not correct.  This is an important consideration for “Click Once” deployments which do not have built-in conditional […]