A .NET Assembly is *not* an ActiveX. It is not registered via regsvr32.

Question: I have now tried to register the component manually, but then I get his message: “The module c:\…\ChilkatDotNet2.dll was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found. Make sure that c:\…\ChilkatDotNet2.dll is a valid DLL or OCX file and try again.” Answer: A .NET assembly is not an ActiveX component. It is not registered with regsvr32. If your application […]

Modify Email on IMAP Server?

Question: I was wondering how it would be possible to make changes to an email on the server. Answer: Once an email is on a server, it cannot be modified.  This is not a Chilkat limitation, but it’s the way mail servers work.  However, with IMAP you may download an email, make changes, upload the new email to the mailbox […]

Socket Programming – “Must-Know” Concepts

If you’re just starting to program with TCP connected sockets using the Chilkat Socket API, then these concepts should be understood before beginning. 1. Receiving Data from a Connected Socket. The ReceiveBytes and ReceiveString methods will return whatever data has already arrived and is available on the connected socket.  It is not guaranteed to return the complete amount of data […]

Windows Application User-Interface Freezes?

Question: I recently purchased the Chilkat HTTP component and am using it with a Visual FoxPro application. However, each time I run it the form freezes and I get the Not Responding message in the title bar. I have an animated GIF that I am using as a quasi-progress meter but that freezes as well. As soon as the HTTP […]

FTP MLST command?

Question: A quickie question about the FTP2 control. I have some clients with strange FTP servers that return the directory listings in formats that no control seems to be able to handle (although I have not tried yours!). However, it is next to impossible to test, since I do not have access to their server. For them, we use the […]

Using Chilkat in Managed C++

The Chilkat VC++ static libraries are for unmanaged C++ applications. A Managed C++ application (using Microsoft’s Managed Extensions for C++) runs within the .NET Framework and therefore must use the Chilkat .NET assembly. The Chilkat C++ online reference documentation and online examples are for unmanaged C++ applications. For Managed C++, the best choice is to read the C# online documentation […]

IMAP – Search for Messages by Message-ID or any Email Header Field

Using the Chilkat IMAP API: To download emails having the exact contents of a header field, or all emails where a given header field contains a specified substring, use the Search method like this: (C++) CkMessageSet *mset = imap.Search(“HEADER Message-ID 48208D0C”,true); (C#) Chilkat.MessageSet mset = imap.Search(“HEADER Message-ID 48208D0C”,true); If the Search method returns a non-NULL message set object, then download […]