VB6 FTP File Upload Progress Monitoring

Question: I’ve been trying to get the progress bar in VB6 to work, based on the code on your website, but I’m having no luck.  The event isn’t even being triggered. Answer: Here are some things to try: Test progress monitoring with a large enough file  such that the progress does not go from 0 to 100% instantly. Use the […]

SFTP Permission Denied w/ OpenFile Method

Question: We are trying to upload a file to SFTP using private key. We are able to connect and retrieve folder listing. But when we try to upload to one of the folder on the SFTP we get the “Permission denied” error message. The message is as below. ChilkatLog: OpenFile: DllDate: Feb 15 2010 UnlockPrefix: **** Username: joe Component: .NET […]

GMail Labels are just IMAP Mailboxes

Question: I’m going to be using them in VB.Net to process a GMail inbox. In GMail they use Labels instead of folders. Are the labels that belong to an email visible via your tool? Ideally the VB application would process the inbox, and perform actions based on the label. Answer: I investigated and it refreshed my memory. GMail “labels” are […]

RSA – Matching OpenSSL Signature w/ Chilkat

The following problem is common. The goal is to match the signature produced by this OpenSSL command w/ Chilkat: cat in.txt | openssl dgst -sha1 -sign myPrivateKey.pem | openssl enc -base64 The “gotcha” is when the input text file ends with a linefeed character (a single byte having value 0x0A), but the programmer does not realize it. The bytes passed […]

WSAECONNREFUSED No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

One possible cause of this socket connect error is when an Anti-Virus program blocks the connection. This can happen if the AV program is blocking the outbound port. If some programs can connect to a given remote host:port, but your application cannot, then check your Anti-Virus program to see if exceptions were made for specific programs, but not for your […]