XCode Linker will automatically choose dylib over static libs

A note about building (linking) a project in XCode: If a static lib’s corresponding dylib is in a library search path during linking, Xcode will link to the dylib instead of the static lib. The solution is to move the dylib somewhere else. (from a Chilkat customer) “I created chilkat-9.2.1-macosx-10.5/lib/dylib and moved the dylibs into it.  Since my library search […]

Common IOS undefined symbols error

Link Error: Undefined symbols for architecture i386: “operator new(unsigned long)”, referenced from: -[CkoMailMan init] in libchilkatIos.a(CkoMailMan.o) “operator delete(void*)”, referenced from: -[CkoMailMan init] in libchilkatIos.a(CkoMailMan.o) Solution: The Chilkat internals are written in C++. Therefore, your Objective-C application will need to link against the C++ runtime libraries. The easiest way to do it is to include an empty source file with the […]