Chilkat Customer App in Apple App Store

Question: Will using Chilkat (for IOS) prevent my app from being accepted into the Apple App Store? Answer: Using the Chilkat libs for IOS does not prevent it from being accepted in the Apple App Store.  For reference, the following app uses Chilkat and was accepted into the app store on 14-March-2012.


Clarification on the acronyms “SFTP” and “FTPS” “SFTP” is the Secure File Transfer Protocol over SSH.  It is a protocol unrelated to the FTP protocol. (It is actually a subsystem of SSH.)  The Chilkat SSH / SFTP component is used for “SFTP”.  SFTP is achieved by connecting to an SSH server at port 22. On the other hand, the Chilkat […]

Unzipping zips with Unicode Filenames

Question: I see your example code includes the ability to create a zip with Unicode filenames. Does your product support unzipping files with unicode filenames, such as Chinese? Answer: Yes, it can unzip files w/ Unicode names — assuming the .zip was correctly created.  Your first test should be to unzip without trying anything differently.  Check to see if the […]

Debugging SshTunnel

The Chilkat SshTunnel object/class (may be “CkSshTunnel” in some programming languages) provides a number of properties to help in debugging (i.e. understanding) what is happening in the background thread: AcceptThreadSessionLogPath:  May be set to the path of a log file that the SshTunnel will create and log activity regarding connections accepted.   This will allow you to see incoming connections that […]