SoSndBuf and SoRcvBuf Properties

Beginning with Chilkat v9.4.0, two new TCP socket performance properties, SoSndBuf and SoRcvBuf, will be added to each of the following Chilkat components/libs: FTP2, HTTP, SFTP, SSH, SshTunnel, IMAP, and MailMan (POP3/SMTP). These properties allow for the underlying socket’s send and receive buffer sizes to be set. These are socket options associated with the setsockopt system call (see ) […]

Twitter OAuth Example to Post Update (Tweet)

The OAuth functionality shown in this example is available in Chilkat v9.4.0 to be released in mid-December 2012. Pre-releases are available upon request by sending email to ASP: Twitter OAuth — Tweet to Your Own Account SQL Server: Twitter OAuth — Tweet to Your Own Account C#: Twitter OAuth — Tweet to Your Own Account C++: Twitter OAuth — […]

How to know that SFTP Upload was Transferred Successfully?

Question: In the online reference documentation, it says that “bool UploadFileByName(string remoteFilePath, string localFilePath)” will return true if success or false for failure. My question is that how does your component know that the file had been transferred successfully? Does it get ACK from SFTP server or that only means that client had sent the file successfully but not guarantee […]

SSH/SFTP Specifications (RFC)

SSH RFC 4250 The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol Assigned Numbers RFC 4251 The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol Architecture RFC 4252 The Secure Shell (SSH) Authentication Protocol RFC 4253 The Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer Protocol RFC 4254 The Secure Shell (SSH) Connection Protocol RFC 4255 Using DNS to Securely Publish Secure Shell (SSH) Key Fingerprints RFC 4256 Generic Message Exchange […]