v9.5.0.43 Micro Update: Bug Fixes

Fixed crash bug in MailMan relating to sending PKCS7 encrypted email. Fixed bug in the PrivateKey.SavePkcs8EncryptedFile method. Fixed a HMAC SHA384 bug. Minor MHT change: Methods that produce MHT (as opposed to EML) will omit the Date header field from the MIME that is produced.

v9.5.0.41 Micro Update: Bug Fixes and Improvements

This new version includes the following updates and fixes: A bug introduced in v9.5.0.40 in the Socket.AcceptNextConnection method (for SSL/TLS) has been fixed. The bug caused the server certificates to not be sent during the SSL handshake. Internal FTP workarounds to automatically compensate for NonStop Tandem FTP server oddities. Fixes relating to the use of the hz-gb-2312 charset in email […]