SSH/SFTP Error: Must first connect to the SSH server

The following error is explained in this post: ChilkatLog: DownloadFileByName: DllDate: Apr 25 2018 ChilkatVersion: UnlockPrefix: * Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bit Language: Cocoa Objective-C VerboseLogging: 0 SftpVersion: 3 Component successfully unlocked using purchased unlock code. Must first connect to the SSH server. –DownloadFileByName –ChilkatLog The above error can happen after a long period of inactivity. Let’s say your application […]

Chilkat v9.5.0.73 Release Notes

The v9.5.0.72 release notes are available here: Chilkat v9.5.0.72 Release Notes v9.5.0.73 Release Notes: Email The SetHtmlBody method, in certain circumstances, would incorrectly set the top-level MIME header to text/html for multipart messages. This was fixed. HTTP Non us-ascii chars in the URL path are now always URL encoded using the utf-8 encoding. OAuth2 Added the UseBasicAuth and AppCallbackUrl properties. […]

Windows 10 1803 can’t run EXE files from a network shared folders

Chilkat has been receiving support email with the following error: connectSocket: connect_ipv6_or_ipv4: resolveHostname6: getAddressInfo: Failed to get host address info. (3) SocketError: Error 0x2afb Check to make sure the connection is not blocked by a firewall or anti-virus port filtering. hostOrIpAddr: **** port: See for a possible cause of this error. Versions of Windows earlier than Windows XP are […]