Question: I am trying to send email via GMail using the SMTP protocol.  I am sending the correct GMail login credentials, but I get this error: … smtpAuthenticate: login_method: LOGIN auth_login: smtpSendGet2: sendCmdToSmtp: SmtpCmdSent: AUTH LOGIN –sendCmdToSmtp readSmtpResponse: SmtpCmdResp: 334 VXNlcm5hbWU6 –readSmtpResponse –smtpSendGet2 sendCmdToSmtp: SmtpCmdSent: *** –sendCmdToSmtp readSmtpResponse: SmtpCmdResp: 334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6 –readSmtpResponse sendCmdToSmtp: SmtpCmdSent: {PasswordOrCredentials} –sendCmdToSmtp readSmtpResponse: SmtpCmdResp: 534-5.7.14 < […]

Install 32-bit ActiveX and Verify Install

This post shows how to install the 32-bit Chilkat ActiveX using the 32-bit MSI installer here: Step 1. Download and run the MSI installer. Step 2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Chilkat Software, Inc\Chilkat 32-bit ActiveX Double-click on CheckChilkatActiveX.exe  You should see the following dialog: Step 3. Choose an ActiveX class from the “Choose an ActiveX Object” dropdown.  For […]

Visual Foxpro IDE crashes when using asynchronous socket methods

Question: When using asynchronous socket methods, VFP crashes. Try running the code from the example under VFP What else do I need to configure? Answer: The older IDE’s such as VB6 and FoxPro don’t take kindly to background threads.  The solution is to clean up the threads at the end of your program by doing this: loGlobal = CreateObject(‘Chilkat_9_5_0.Global’) […]

SocketError: WSANO_DATA The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found.

Question: I get the following error in the LastErrorText for domain “”. … connectSocket: connect_ipv6_or_ipv4: resolveHostname6: getAddressInfo: Failed to get host address info. (3) SocketError: WSANO_DATA The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found. WSANO_DATA typically indicates a problem with DNS — possibly a missing CNAME record for the host. hostOrIpAddr: port: 587 […]

SOAP UI WSDL to Chilkat Code

This blog post describes how to generate Chilkat sample code from SOAP UI. Step 1. Download and install SoapUI from here: Step 2. Start SoapUI click on the toolbar icon to create a new SOAPUI project.   Initialize it with WSDL from a file or from a URL.  Also check the checkbox to Create TestSuite: Step 3. Click “OK” […]

Trying to Compress Already-Compressed Data

If a file or data does not compress, and the “compressed” result is slightly larger than the uncompressed input, then… This is typical if one tries to compress already-compressed data. For example, the JPG image format is itself a compression algorithm. The more something is compressed, the more the data resembles a sequence of random bytes. Compression algorithms work by […]

MinGW/TDM Link Errors — _time32, _localtime32, …

The following link errors can happen if the incorrect Chilkat C/C++ library is chosen. For example, if you are using the TDM 4.7.1 compiler, but you downloaded the Chilkat lib for MinGW-4.6.3, then you would get these errors: ../lib/libchilkat-9.5.0.a(ChilkatTm.o):ChilkatTm.cpp:(.text+0x80): undefined reference to `_localtime32′ ../lib/libchilkat-9.5.0.a(ChilkatTm.o):ChilkatTm.cpp:(.text+0x237): undefined reference to `_mktime32′ ../lib/libchilkat-9.5.0.a(ChilkatTm.o):ChilkatTm.cpp:(.text+0x1df9): undefined reference to `_time32′ ../lib/libchilkat-9.5.0.a(ChilkatTm.o):ChilkatTm.cpp:(.text+0x266): undefined reference to `_mktime32′ ../lib/libchilkat-9.5.0.a(Psdk.o):Psdk.cpp:(.text+0xdab): undefined […]

HTTPS Windows Integrated Authentication

This example explains how to do HTTP authentication on a Windows system using the current logged-on user credentials. Classic ASP: HTTPS Windows Integrated Authentication C: HTTPS Windows Integrated Authentication Chilkat2-Python: HTTPS Windows Integrated Authentication C++: HTTPS Windows Integrated Authentication C#: HTTPS Windows Integrated Authentication C# UWP/WinRT: HTTPS Windows Integrated Authentication DataFlex: HTTPS Windows Integrated Authentication Delphi ActiveX: HTTPS Windows Integrated […]

Using Chilkat with la Carta Nazionale dei Servizi delle Camere di Commercio d’Italia

To use Chilkat for signing XML with a CNS smartcard, the certificate must be installed on the Windows system.  Chilkat uses the Microsoft CNG (Cryptographic Next Generation) to do the signing.  If the CNS smartcard certificate is installed on Windows correctly, then CNG should automatically know to use the smartcard for signing.  I cannot read Italian, but I think the […]

Accessing Private Key causes Windows to show Dialog Box – How to Suppress

Question:  Calling CkXmlDSigGen.SetX509Cert causes Windows to show a dialog box requesting validation.  Is it possible to avoid the dialog box? Answer: Yes.  The reason for displaying the dialog box  is because the cert + private key was imported with the option to enable strong private key protection.  Here’s a screenshot of the Window Certificate Import Wizard showing the two checkboxes:  […]