Chilkat 29-Dec-2021 – IMAP Server Response: BAD Command received in Invalid state

What’s going on in Chilkat support today… 1. Extremely long HTTP request headers can be a problem.  (Headers that are more than 1000 characters in length)  Some HTTP servers reject them unless the MIME header is folded.  Some servers are OK with long headers.  If folded to multiple lines, MIME headers need to fold opportunistically at whitespace. If there is […]

Chilkat 24-Dec-2021 — CMS Sign Hash

What’s going on in Chilkat support today… 1. A customer needs a way to create a CMS detached signature from a pre-computed hash.  Oddly, Chilkat did not yet have a function for doing it.  The CMS signature functions in Crypt2 accept data and do the hashing internally.  Chilkat is adding a Crypt2.SignHashENC method, as shown here in this example:  […]

Chilkat 21-Dec-2021 — PHP Versions to Internal PHP API Versions

What’s going on in Chilkat support today… 1. Error: PHP Startup: chilkat_9_5_0: Unable to initialize module $ php test.php PHP Warning: PHP Startup: chilkat_9_5_0: Unable to initialize module Module compiled with module API=20210902 PHP compiled with module API=20151012 These options need to match in Unknown on line 0 PHP Warning: dl(): Dynamically loaded extensions aren’t enabled in /home/chilkat/chilkat_9_5_0.php on line […]

Chilkat 20-Dec-2021 — Does Chilkat support .NET Standard?

What’s going on with Chilkat support today… 1. Does Chilkat support .NET Standard?  We get this question from time to time.  It’s usually because there’s great confusion about the meaning of .NET Standard vs. .NET Core vs. .NET Framework ( and now .NET 5 and .NET 6).   It’s best to first get a solid, basic understanding of the matter.  I […]

Chilkat 17-Dec-2021 — Careful with Network Connections in Garbage Collection Languages

What’s going on with Chilkat support today? 1) Problem report:   My PowerBuilder 10.5 app runs fine, however when I call functions that are using the Chilkat DLL and controls returns to the calling script, the application crashes with the following error: … Exception code: 0xc000041d … Faulting module path: C:\…\pbdwe105.dll Solution: Before returning to the calling script, tell Powerbuilder to […]

Chilkat 16-Dec-2021 — idToken HTTP Header

What’s going on w/ Chilkat support today… 1. Long HTTP request headers present a difficulty because some web servers choke on header fields that are too long and require folding, whereas others choke on folded headers.  Given that HTTP requests are MIME, and the request/response headers are MIME headers, header folding follows the MIME specification.  Folding SHOULD occur at whitespace.  […]

Chilkat 14-Dec-2021 — PDF Signature Notes

What’s going on with Chilkat support today… 1. The Http.PostJson, PostJson2, and PostJson3 methods neglect to send a Content-Type header if a completely empty body is sent.  Starting in the next version (v9.5.0.90) Chilkat will always send the Content-Type header for these methods even if the JSON body is completely empty (i.e. a zero-length string where the Content-Length of the […]

Chilkat 10-Dec-2021 – Brasilian Tax Server problems?

Chilkat is going to try to blog daily notes on issues we’re handling for customers. So… starting for today.. Suddenly SOAP XML posts to the Brasilian tax server  stop working with a 415 response code having error “The server cannot service the request because the media type is unsupported.”.    The error “media type is unsupported” generally means the server […]

Validating PDF Signatures with

A Chilkat customer is signing PDFs and then validating using the online tool at A few errors/warnings were encountered: 1) “The signature is not intact”.   <b>This error only happens if the “ltvOcsp” option was set</b> to create an LTV-enabled signature.  The source of the “Signature is not intact” error can be found here: When “ltvOcsp” is specified (i.e. […]