SSH/SFTP Public Key Authentication Fails w/ DSA Key and OpenSSH Server

If SSH public key authentication fails when using a DSA private key, it may be that the SSH server disallows using DSA private keys. If the contents of the Chilkat LastErrorText for methods AuthenticatePk or AuthenticatePwPk contains the following, then this could be the cause of the error: … Sent public-key request. AuthList: publickey,password Proceeding with publickey authentication… dssSigLen: 40 […]

Error: OLE error code 0x80020006 Unknown name

If your code using the ActiveX generates the error “Error: OLE error code 0x80020006  Unknown name”, it means no method or property with the given name exists.  Check the Chilkat online reference documentation for the ActiveX to see if the method or property actually exists. Here’s a sample error (in Italian) using FoxPro: