Error: This operation is not supported with BTT enabled

I haven’t seen this error before.  A Chilkat user reported it, and then quickly found the answer: When trying to Create the Chilkat_9_5_0.http object with this example: , there’s a message that the ActiveX Component can’t create it, because “System:  This operation is not supported with BTT enabled.” The cause of the problem had to do with a 32-bit/64-bit […]

ActiveX: Permission denied (Error 70)

A Chilkat ActiveX user (in VB6) was struggling with a “Permission denied (Error 70)”. It occurred on the very first call to a Chilkat method (UnlockBundle). Solution: The solution is that the ActiveX DLL somehow did not have read + execute permissions.  The 1st access to a method in the ActiveX triggered the runtime to load the DLL, and this […]