Install PHP Extensions on Shared Hosting (such as BlueHost)?

Question: Is it possible to install the Chilkat PHP extension at a sharing host like Bluehost?  I’ve been trying but no success until now, so I am starting to think that it isn’t possible. Answer:  It doesn’t look like it’s possible: You might consider hosting on Amazon EC2.  It can be quite inexpensive, you’ll have full control over your […]

PHP Script for Downloading, Installing, and Testing Chilkat

Here is a bash shell script for downloading, unpacking, installing, and testing the 64-bit PHP 7.4 extension for Chilkat. 1) It assumes PHP 7.4 was installed to $HOME/phps/php74. 2) This example is downloading Chilkat version (change the wget URL to the latest version) export PATH=$HOME/phps/php74/bin:$PATH php -v cd if [ ! -d testing ]; then mkdir testing fi cd […]