AWS Reference Documentation — Sample Requests and Responses are Important

The AWS Reference Documentation is not consistent.  In some cases, the documentation provides a sample request and sample response.  The samples are extremely helpful, and make it easy to implement the call in any programming language.  With Chilkat, you can usually generate sample code by pasting the sample request, and the body of the sample response into Chilkat’s online tool […]

Amazon S3 Problem Resolution Hints

This post describes two problems and solutions for Amazon S3 that were recently encountered: (1) A Chilkat user found that the 1st HTTP request had a delay of 5 seconds, and then subsequent requests had no delay.  Here’s what was found (reproduced with permission from the Chilkat user): I thought you might be interested to know that the long lookup […]

v9.4.1.44 Added Http.AwsEndpoint Property

The AwsEndpoint property is the regional endpoint (domain) to be used for Amazon S3 method calls. The default value is “”. This can be set to any valid Amazon S3 endpoint, such as “”, or the endpoints for S3-API compatible services from other different providers. This is a pre-release feature. Pre-release builds are made available upon request ( Please make […]