Verify Email Delivery?

Question: Is it possible to check if an email is delivered properly? Answer: The Chilkat MailMan is an SMTP client. It connects to an SMTP server to initiate the delivery of email. Typically you would connect to your company’s or ISP’s SMTP server. If the email is to be sent elsewhere, the SMTP server relays the email to the remote […]

BounceAddress w/ SendMimeBytes and SendMime

Question: I use SendMimeBytes Method of Mailman object to send Domain Keys Verified e-mails. But when I use this method  I can’ t use BounceAddress property to set up bounce addresses. For this reason I can’t get bounced e-mails as I want. When I use SendMail Method everything is ok. What should I do to get bounce messages the address […]

Matching Bounce/DSN with Original Sent Email

Question: Given that bounced email / DSN’s may not include the original headers, if I need to uniquely identify that the specific email didn’t make it to the recipient is there any way I can uniquely ID the email? I would use this info to know when to resend the email. Answer: Sometimes you’ll receive bounces that conform to DSN […]

How to Track Bounced Emails after Sending

Question: I am using Chilkat MailMan to send email (SMTP) in Visual Basic 6.0. I need to track the details of bounced mails, please let me know how to do this. Answer: (This answer applies not only to VB6, but to all programming languages because the Chilkat API is identical across programming languages.) Before calling mailman.SendEmail, set the email object’s […]