Classic ASP to Read JSON Request Body and Write JSON Response

Here’s a Classic ASP example using Chilkat to read an incoming JSON request body (such as from a POST), load it into a Chilkat JsonObject, and then write the JSON to an application/json response: <% If Request.TotalBytes > 0 Then ‘ Read the JSON request body into a Chilkat BinData object. set bd = Server.CreateObject(“Chilkat_9_5_0.BinData”) bd.AppendBinary(Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes)) ‘ Load a Chilkat […]

Case-Insensitive JSON

Question: How can JSON be processed in a case-insensitive manner? Rant followed by Answer:  JSON is intended to be case-sensitive.  XML is the same.  Similar to Java, C, C++, etc.  Names are case-sensitive.   Except, of course, there are knuckleheads out there that don’t understand the fundamental specifications and as a result introduce complexity into systems that should never have existed.  […]

Working with Huge (Extremely Large) JSON Files

Question: I am using the following calls in Visual FoxPro with Chilkat_9_5_0.JsonObject ( and the resulting JSON is writing only {} oChilkatJson=Createobject(‘Chilkat_9_5_0.JsonObject’) oChilkatJson.LoadFile(“pathToLargeJSONFile”) oChilkatJson.EmitCompact=1 =STRTOFILE(oChilkatJson.Emit(),pathToOutputFile) Original Size of JSON: 259 MB (271,982,395 bytes) New JSON outputs as: {} I could use the​ to read and write each JSON property/object to memory and perform the one EMIT() a the end, I would think it would […]