Is Smartcard Vendor’s low-level lib (dll or so) Required?

Question:  My question is regarding the SharedLib when initializing pkcs11 module. Is the smartcard vendor’s low-level lib (dll or so) required to be able to communicate with a smartcard or do you have some kind of generic lib or driver to achieve this? Answer:  This is a good question.  On a non-Windows system, Chilkat would need to communicate with the […]

AKD eID Cards of the Republic of Croatia

Chilkat is going to begin posting about the ongoing work with customers involving smart cards and tokens used for signing PDFs and XML invoices, etc. Currently, Chilkat is working with a customer to resolve issues having to do with signing PDFs using AKD eID Card for the Republic of Croatia. This is for PKCS11 (AKD eID Middleware PKCS11). The hope […]

MS CNG NCryptSignHash returns 0x80090020

We’ve seen this error when trying to sign using a smart card: msCngSignWithCert Acquired CNG private key. dwKeySpec: 0xffffffff key is CERT_NCRYPT_KEY_SPEC setSmartCardPin: setting smart card pin… –setSmartCardPin Using PKCS1 padding. msCngSign.NCryptSignHash failed. failed to sign. secStatus: 0x80090020 –msCngSignWithCert The 0x80090020 error is a generic “NTE_FAILED: An internal error occurred”. See To clarify: Chilkat calls the Microsoft CNG (Cryptographic […]