v9.5.0.53 Micro Update: New Features, Fixes, Changes, etc.

The release was a partial release. Not all programming language / operating system / architectures were updated with this release. A full v9.5.0.54 release will be out shortly.

  • TAR: WriteTar mistakenly returned true if output file could not be opened/created.
  • XMP: Fixed: XMP issue reading some TIF images with IPTC metadata.
  • FTP2: Fixed problem described here: FTP hangs when already received close-notify when server shuts down.
  • ActiveX: The LastStringResultLen property is added to each Chilkat class. This is helpful for certain programming languages such as DataFlex or SQL Server where the size of the string returned may need to be known before using it.
    Each Chilkat ActiveX object has its own LastStringResult and LastStringResultLen properties. The KeepStringResult is a property of Chilkat.Global only. (It may be confusing that Chilkat.Global also has a LastStringResult property — but this is just like any other object..)

    Therefore, your code would set Global.KeepStringResult once at the beginning of your code.
    Let’s say you have an HttpResult object, and you want the BodyQP. You would access the BodyQP, but ignore the string returned.
    Then examine the HttpResult.LastStringResultLen, adjust your max string length (in DataFlex) if necessary, and then get the cached string from HttpResult.LastStringResult.

  • Zip: The WriteExe method was fixed for cases where a contained file is extremely large.
  • TLS: A fix was made for some sitatuions where a server immediately wishes to renegotiate after connecting.
  • SSH: The SSH Rekey handling for certain host key algorithms was fixed.
  • StringArray: Fixed: GetStringLen returned the size in bytes of the utf-8 representation instead of returning the length in characters.
  • FTP2: Will auto-retry using the opposite of the PassiveUseHostAddr property setting in certain situations.
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