Chilkat .NET Assemblies – Matching Visual Studio versions to .NET Framework Versions to VC++ Runtime Versions.


The .NET Framework version that corresponds to each Visual Studio release is as follows:

VS2017 — .NET 4.6, .NET 4.7
VS2015 — .NET 4.6
VS2013 — .NET 4.5 (actually 4.5.1, but we only care about major/minor numbers)
VS2012 — .NET 4.5
VS2010 — .NET 4.0
VS2008 — .NET 3.5
VS2005 — .NET 2.0

When using Chilkat .NET for a particular .NET Framework version, the corresponding VC++ Runtime redist (from Microsoft) needs to be installed on the system. Each VC++ redist that is needed is shown below:

Note: Microsoft has created a web page to consolidate all MSVC++ runtime redist downloads in a single page:

VS2017 .NET 4.6/4.7 Chilkat .NET for 4.6/4.7 needs VC++ 2017 runtime (also known as VC++ 15)
VS2015 .NET 4.6 Chilkat .NET for 4.6 needs VC++ 2015 runtime (also known as VC++ 14)
VS2013 .NET 4.5 Chilkat .NET for 4.5 (built with VS2013) needs VC++ 2013 runtime (also known as VC++ 12)
VS2012 .NET 4.5 Chilkat .NET for 4.5 (built with VS2012) needs VC++ 2012 runtime (also known as VC++ 11)
VS2010 .NET 4.0 Chilkat .NET for 4.0 needs VC++ 2010 runtime (x86)(x64) (also known as VC++ 10)
VS2005/2008 .NET 2.0/3.5 Chilkat .NET for 2.0/3.5 needs VC++ 2005 runtime (x86)(x64) (also known as VC++ 8)