ASCII or Binary Transfer mode in SFTP (Secure File Transfer over SSH)

How can I set the type of the transfer (ascii or binary) in SFTP ?
In FTP for instance, there is a SetTypeAscii method.

SFTP is Secure File Transfer over SSH. It is not the FTP protocol. There is no similarity or relationship between FTP and SFTP. Therefore, concepts such as “transfer mode” or “current remote directory” that exist in FTP do not exist with SFTP.

Further clarification:
“SFTP” is the Secure File Transfer Protocol over SSH. It is a protocol unrelated to the FTP protocol.
The Chilkat SSH / SFTP component is used for “SFTP”. SFTP is achieved by connecting to an SSH server at port 22.

On the other hand, the Chilkat FTP2 components is for FTP. FTP servers listen at port 21 (non-SSL/TLS) and port 990 (SSL). FTP over SSL (i.e. port 990) is called “FTPS”. (not SFTP)

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