Chilkat 16-April-2022

Problem Report: Sending Signed Email with an Attachment A user reported a problem where sending digitally signed email works fine for emails with no attachments, but verification on the receiving end failed for emails with attachments.  Chilkat tried the same, but (of course) everything worked for us. (The problem turned out to be a user-error, i.e. not a problem in […]

Chilkat 13-April-2022 – OAuth2 authentication for desktop apps.

  OAuth2 authentication for desktop apps. Many developers don’t realize that the Chilkat OAuth2 class is for desktop applications.  Doing OAuth2 in a web application (where your code runs on a web server) is relatively easy and does not require Chilkat (although Chilkat can be used to assist with some mundane tasks).  Working/live examples are provided on the Chilkat Tools […]

Chilkat 3-Feb-2022 – ebXML Message Signing and Verification

1. Chilkat fixed XML signature generation and verification for ebXML Messages.  These are messages using the following Transform: <Transform Algorithm=”″> <XPath> not(ancestor-or-self::()[@SOAP:actor=”urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-msg:actor:nextMSH”] | ancestor-or-self::()[@SOAP:actor=””] ) </XPath> </Transform> 2. Updated Chilkat.Pdf to be able to sign a PDF with an image-only appearance (no text).   An example on the site will be forthcoming. 3. Working out issues with the CryptoCard Graphite […]

Chilkat 27-Jan-2022 – ReceiveRate/SendRate Event Callbacks Fixed

1. Older programming languages such as VB6 and FoxPro run as 32-bit applications. Always. Even on 64-bit Windows computers. You should always use the 32-bit ActiveX (not the 64-bit ActiveX). If you use the 64-bit ActiveX, such as with FoxPro, you’ll get the 0x80020010: Invalid Callee error: 2. The Http.ReceiveRate and Http.SendRate event callbacks were not firing for .NET Core […]

Chilkat 19-Jan-2022 Added 3 New Key Exchange Algorithms for SSH

What’s happening in Chilkat support today.. – Added the following key exchange algorithms to Chilkat’s internal SSH transport: diffie-hellman-group16-sha512, diffie-hellman-group18-sha512, diffie-hellman-group14-sha256 This makes Chilkat compatible with servers that might limit kex algorithms to only these (which is very rare). No changes to the application are needed. The new algorithms apply to any SSH connection, including those for SFTP. Chilkat 14-Jan-2022 […]

Chilkat 13-Jan-2022

What’s happening in Chilkat support today.. 1. The Chilkat.Rest AllowHeaderQB property didn’t prevent Q/B encoding of 8-bit MIME headers (i.e. header fields containing non-us-ascii chars).  Technically, it should be OK to “Q” or “B” encode HTTP request headers as per MIME specifications, but some servers don’t recognize the encoding.    This was fixed. 2. Fixed the following PDF error when trying […]

Chilkat 11-Jan-2022

What’s going on in Chilkat support today… 1. Improved support for Vietnamese character encoding conversions having to do with utf-16 chars precomposed characters.  This improvement will be seen in all Chilkat classes.  The need for it was discovered with the text in PDF signatures. Chilkat 6-Jan-2022 Chilkat 13-Jan-2022

Chilkat 6-Jan-2022

What’s going on in Chilkat support today… 1. IMAP MOVE command:  Is it possible to get the old UID’s mapped to the new UID’s for messages that are moved?   The answer is:  I don’t know.  One would need to examine the IMAP response to the MOVE command (the MOVE command is an IMAP extension not supported on many IMAP servers).   […]

Chilkat 5-Jan-2022 Remote SSH Commands on Cisco and Dell Force 10 Switches

What’s going on w/ Chilkat today… 1. User trying to execute remote SSH commands on two different switches:  One is a Cisco switch, the second is a Dell Force 10.   All working fine w/ Ssh.QuickCommand on the Cisco switch, but not the Dell Force 10.   The QuickCommand method as shown in the example at  is the equivalent of doing […]