Chilkat 13-Dec-2021 — PDF Signature not Visible in Chrome or Microsoft Edge

What’s going on with Chilkat support today….

1. Encountered SMTP response of “503: Bad sequence of commands”.   This happened when attempting to use STARTTLS on a server where STARTTLS was not enabled.  The port in use is 587, which is the traditional SMTP port for explicit TLS.  (Explicit TLS is where the initial connection is simply TCP (non-SSL/TLS), the SMTP client sends the STARTTLS command to convert the connection to TLS, and then authentication occurs.  Implicit TLS is typically on port 465, and the connection is implicitly SSL/TLS from the very beginning.)   When the server does not enable STARTTLS, the “STARTTLS” won’t be listed in the capabilities/extensions reported by the SMTP server in response to the EHLO command, and the STARTTLS command won’t be accepted or recognized.  The fix is to enable STARTTLS on the server.

2. Investigating claim that in PureBasic,the call to CkDateTime::ckGetAsTimestamp(DateTime, bLocal) crashes with a “Invalid memory access error”, but only on MacOS and MacOS M1.  We suspect a wild goose chase here, but we’ll check it out anyway…    (Yes, it was a wild goose chase.  Everything tested to be fine.)

3. Helping to create/send signed SOAP XML message to TenneT web services (  The best way to solve such a

4. Investigating claim that a PDF signed using this code (in Python) results in a signed PDF where the signature is not visible.  Found out the customer was viewing the signed PDF in Chrome, which for some reason does not show the signature.  However, in Acrobat the signature is visible and appears OK.  Also tested in FireFox: Appears OK.  Tested in Microsoft Edge: The PDF signature does not show.  In summary: Acrobat and Firefox show PDF signatures OK,  Chrome and Edge do not.

5. If a PFX fails to load with the error “Unexpected ASN.1 (3)”, it is because the application atempted to load the binary DER for an X.509 certificate instead of the binary DER for a PKCS12/PFX.  Chilkat was updated to automatically detect the X.509 DER format and load it without error.  Thus, a call to Cert.LoadPfxFile, or CertStore.LoadPfxData, etc. will still work even if a standalone X.509 cert is passed in.

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