Does Chilkat Crypt support 3DES? Yes.

Does the Crypt2 Component support 3DES ??

Setting “CryptAlgorithm” to “3des” or “des” does not change the encoded
output when the “EncryptStringENC” method is used.

Yes. The CryptAlgorithm should be set to “DES” (case-insensitive). The KeyLength property determines if it is DES (56 or 64), 3DES (112 or 128) or 2-Key TDES (168 or 192). Each byte in a DES key has a parity bit. An 8-byte key (64 bits) has 8 parity bits and 56 encryption bits. The Chilkat Crypt component will accept either number. In other words, to get Triple-DES (3DES) you may set the key length to either 168 or 192.