How to Track Bounced Emails after Sending

I am using Chilkat MailMan to send email (SMTP) in Visual Basic 6.0.
I need to track the details of bounced mails, please let me know how to do this.

(This answer applies not only to VB6, but to all programming languages because the Chilkat API is identical across programming languages.)

Before calling mailman.SendEmail, set the email object’s BounceAddress property equal to the email address that should receive delivery notifications (i.e. bounces). This is typically a dedicated mailbox for the purposes of reading and processing bounces. Create a separate application that periodically reads this mailbox (using Chilkat’s MailMan class/object) and processes each email by examining it with the Chilkat Bounce component. Here is an example (in VB6) of how email is copied from a POP3 server and examined using the Bounce component: The same example but in different programming languages (C#, C++, VB.NET, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Delphi, etc.) may be found at

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