InitializeSftp – Received FAILURE response to subsystem request.

If the SSH server is setup/configured to not allow SFTP, or your SSH user account is not allowed to use SFTP, the InitializeSftp method will return a failed status. Here is an example:

     DllDate: Oct 30 2009
     UnlockPrefix: ABC123
     Username: chilkat
     Component: .NET 2.0
     SshVersion: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.5
     SftpVersion: 0
     channelType: session
     clientChannel: 200
     initialWindowSize: 327680
     maxPacketSize: 32768
     Sent open channel request
     ClientChannelNum: 200
     ServerChannelNum: 0
     ServerInitialWindowSize: 0
     ServerMaxPacketSize: 32768
     Session channel successfully opened.
     ChannelNum: 200
     ServerChannelNum: 0
     Sent subsystem request
     Received FAILURE response to subsystem request.
     SSH read failed...