Installing Chilkat SMTPQ on Windows 7 64-bit

To install the Chilkat SMTPQ Service on Windows 64-bit:

  1. Download Chilkat SMTPQ 64-bit and save to any directory.
  2. Run the ChilkatSmtpQ_x64.msi. On the “Select Installation Folder” dialog, do not select the default install folder.  Instead, choose a simpler, shorter path such as “C:\smtpq\”.   Also, install for “Everyone”.
  3. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to c:\smtpq. Right-click on the SmtpQConfig.exe program and “Run as Administrator”.
  4. Make sure the “64-bit Windows” checkbox is checked.
  5. Click on the “Install Service” button.  This should install the SMTPQ service.
  6. Make sure the settings are set to the paths and values desired and click “Apply”.
  7. Click on the “Start Service” button to start the service for the first time. (By default, the service was installed with the “auto-start” option. The SMTPQ service will automatically start when the computer is started.
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