MHT and EML are both MIME


I have added HTML email file support (thanks to your excellent examples and library), but I have a question. It appears that it might be easier for the end user to save their things they want to email as a MHT file instead of HTML out of MS-Word. That way they have one file to deal with. So is there a way to do the same method for email using and MHT file?


MHT and EML are the exact same thing — they are both MIME.  The only difference is the file extension and the intended use of the file (as indicated by the file extension).  MHT is intended to be displayed in Internet Explorer, and EML is intended to be an email.  A .eml file will contain header files (Subject, To, From, etc.) that are not present in MHT. Therefore, to “convert” an MHT to EML, simply load it into an email object by calling LoadEml, set the Subject and From properties.  Then Add recipients by calling AddTo, AddCC, etc., and then send…

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