Microsoft Certificate Support PDF

I found this PDF somewhere on Microsoft’s site, but now I cannot find it anymore.  Therefore, I uploaded it to here:

This contains a collection of how-to procedures for certificates:

  • Install certificate after deleting the pending certificate request (IIS 6.0)
  • Installing Server Certificates (IIS 6.0)
  • How to install a certificate for use with IP Security in Windows Server 2003
  • Key Archival and Management in Windows Server 2003
  • Renew a certificate with the same key
  • Renew a certificate with a new key
  • How To Renew or Create New Certificate Signing Request While Another Certificate Is Currently Installed
  • Request a certificate using a PKCS #10 or PKCS #7 file
  • Renew a root certification authority
  • Importing and exporting certificates
  • Trusted root certification authority policy
  • Object IDs Associated with Microsoft Cryptography
  • Certutil tasks for backing up and restoring certificates
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