POP3 Error: No X-UIDL header found

The Chilkat MailMan class can fetch emails from a POP3 server in two ways: by sequence number, or by UIDL. When an email is fetched by UIDL, or fetched in a way such that a full mapping of UIDL’s to sequence numbers was retrieved, Chilkat will add an “X-UIDL” header to the Email object that is returned. This allows for the email object to be uniquely associated with the email on the server. (Sequence numbers change with each POP3 session, but UIDL’s don’t.)

For convenience, an email object is passed to some MailMan methods, such as w/ DeleteEmail. If the email was not retrieved in a way such that the UIDL was known, then the X-UIDL header will not be present, and the MailMan has no way of specifying which email on the server to delete. For example, if the email was downloaded by calling MailMan.FetchByMsgnum, then no UIDL was ever known (unless perhaps MailMan.GetUidls was previously called in the same POP3 session). Thus the error message in the LastErrorText is “No X-UIDL header found”.

One solution is to call MailMan.GetUidls beforehand. One call at the start of the POP3 session is sufficient.

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