Programming Examples for QuickBooks Online API?

Question: I’m am new to QuickBooks having only dealt with desktop version in the past.
Aside Delphi DLL examples about QuickBooks that I guess are only related to the desktop version of the accounting software only, is there any example regarding the QuickBooks online version?


I’m looking at the QuickBooks API reference documentation, such as at

They provide raw HTTP request samples.
For example, to create an account:

    POST /v3/company//account
    Content type:application/json
    Production Base URL:
    Sandbox Base URL:

      "Name": "MyJobs_test",
      "AccountType": "Accounts Receivable"

You can use Chilkat’s online tool at
to generate code from a raw HTTP request. Just copy/paste the HTTP request into the online tool and generate.

1) The HTTP start line, which begins with the HTTP verb such as POST, GET, PUT, etc. should NOT have a blank line after it. The 1st header line should immediately follow.
2) There should be 1 blank line between the request header and request body (if the body exists). GET requests will typically not have a body.

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