Q/A 30-Oct-2019


I updated from an older version of Chilkat to the latest version, and the following CkFtp2 (C++) methods no longer exist:  GetLastAccessDt and GetLastAccessDtByName.  What happened to them?


These methods were deprecated a while ago, and were finally removed.  I’ll explain.  (The methods still exist in the ActiveX because it’s not possible to remove methods in the ActiveX without disrupting old applications.)

The reason they were removed is that it was discovered that no FTP server can ever returned a “last access” time.  In all cases, the last-access time returned was simply the last-modified date/time.  (FTP servers only return a last-modified time, and in some cases, if MLSD is used to fetch the directory listing, can return a “create” date/time.   A “create” date/time would only be possible on FTP servers running on Windows, that support MLSD, and that choose to return a “create” time.  Linux filesystems do not keep a create-time.)